If you feel that the only time you get to see some of the greatest works in art is when you fly off to the US or Europe, then make a trip to the Standard Bank Gallery in downtown Jozi (also good for impressing the current fling). Currently showing (13 July – 15 September 2012) is a collection of some of the best works of 20th Century masters specifically focussing on the human form. The collection includes Matisse, Picasso, Degas, Renoir and Bacon.


Renoir’s “Girl with a blue ribbon”

I was also very happy to see two works by Cindy Sherman included, although they may not be the finest examples of her work (the doll series currently on show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York is both fascinating and slightly disturbing – visit the link at the end to see what I mean).

The trip out to downtown Jozi is well worth it, and plus, its free entrance! You see, in Jozi, you can still get a mahala experience. Parking is also provided, gratis and for niks in the underground gallery parking. Just get there early as the Standard Bank gallery is not the largest space, and it can get a bit cramped and noisy.¬†Also, a strange fact, security will allow you to take photo’s on your smart phone, but not using a stand alone camera.