There’s a new kid on the fro-yo block – and boy does it taste good! Welcome the UK-based frozen yogurt franchise AngelBerry to SA, and it chose Johannesburg to launch its first stores – suck on that Cape Town. AngelBerry is a premium taste sensation that is low in carbs and 100% natural, making this frozen yogurt the best guilt-free option when those cravings hit. AngelBerry has the perfect menu for whatever the weather or occasion. Their menu includes a variety of delicious frozen yogurts and toppings, blenders (smoothies), parfaits, cones and freshly-made American-style pancakes. But trust me, this fro-yo is so creamy you would swear you were eating ice-cream.

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And when it comes to choice, they have over 60 different frozen yogurt flavours on offer – however these are rotated regularly. So, from good old favourites such as Vanilla, Strawberry and Belgian Chocolate to wicked indulgent flavours such as Strawberry Cheesecake, Crème Brulee and Apple Pie – you have a tonne to discover. Of course the fruit standards such as mango, kiwi, banana and granadilla are also available.

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A big part of AngelBerry’s offer and differentiation is their big focus on a low-carb, stevia-sweetened range of flavours. Stevia, a plan-derived sugar substitute that contains no calories and is sweeter than sugar but better for you. The AngelBerry Stevia range currently includes Vanilla, Chocolate, Wild Berries, Cookies & Cream and Mango.

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AngelBerry is pleased to announce its partnership with Nu Metro Cinemas to open the first AngelBerry cinema store at Nu Metro Menlyn Park in December, with official launch details to be announced shortly. “Nu Metro Cinemas is excited about the partnership with AngelBerry, which will offer cinema-goers a delicious, health-conscious treat to savour while going to the movies. It all forms part of our aim to give customers a fun and unique movie experience not found anywhere else in SA – including catering options beyond the expected fare,” states Nitesh Matai, Nu Metro Cinemas marketing executive.

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AngelBerry offers a premium fro-yo that is a cut above the rest. It is a low calorie, low carbohydrate product designed for diabetics, weight-conscious and generally health-conscious consumers, but with a supremely premium taste, making it a first for the SA frozen yoghurt industry. AngelBerry is now available at Shop 21, Kyalami on Main and Nu Metro Cinemas Menlyn Park. Join them on to keep up to date with upcoming stores, new flavours, new products and competitions.

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It is well worth the great trek out to Kyalami, but don;t worry, you will soon find them in Nu Metro’s across SA – holding thumbs for Hyde Park soon!