Tennisman and entrepreneur René Lacoste created a French style with modern and perfectly mastered appeal. Today, the famous crocodile still symbolises the values of the man who made it his emblem: elegance, fair play and tenacity. This is the secret of the LACOSTE man: style above all. 

For its Intense version, L’Homme LACOSTE stands out with its winning temperament. It knows that, both on the court and in life, it’s all about attitude. Its tenacity and boldness are the keys to its success and charisma, the source of its distinctive seductive power. 

Designed by master perfumer Michel Girard, who created the initial fragrance, L’Homme LACOSTE Intense maintains this unique synergy of fruits, spices and woods, which he elevates and prolongs with a dash of vetiver and cypriol.

Frank and generous, the top notes unite delicious quince and rhubarb, enhanced with a zest of mandarin and orange. At the heart of the fragrance, spices swirl together to form an intensely energetic cocktail: vibrant black pepper, ginger and jasmine burst forth, barely mellowed by a drizzle of almond. Here we find all the strength and vivacity that characterise the famous crocodile.

The base notes team up power and masculinity. Dominant cedarwood and akigalawood notes take on a touch of exoticism brought by amber and vanilla. Vetiver and cypriol roots add an extra dose of intensity, body and seduction that make L’Homme LACOSTE Intense so unique.

Taking up the understated shape of the original creation, the bottle becomes opaque in a matt midnight blue that accentuates the strength of the fragrance within. 

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