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Food Porn 1

Food Porn from Overture at Hidden Valley

Food porn – that’s how I choose to describe it. Food that looks and tastes so good, that it satisfies you more than most lover’s you’ve had. Bertus Basson and Craig Cormack have successfully kept...

Damn good! The Filo Mango and Raspberry Frozen Yoghurt topping with red grapes. 0

Frozen Yoghurt never tasted so good!

As Johannesburg finally enters its Winter period, after was seemed like a Summer that would never end, the most unusual craze, probably imported from the mountain-hugging Capies, has hit Johannesburg – frozen yoghurt. And while...

Motherlands DIctator 0

The Dictator – The Ultimate Coffee!

Dictators are known for their opulent lifestyles and riches. They have an overwhelming need for power and control that often consumes their lives and the lives around them.  When one thinks of a dictator, the...