I wish for the day’s when air travel regains its glory of the 1960’s and 70’s – those days when PanAm planes cut through the skies with beautiful air hostesses and lounges that rivaled some of the best hotel lobbies. Now, we are all crammed into ridiculously tight seats. The term “packed like sardines” comes to mind, but, luckily, I have always been allergic to fish. And, this is where the Slow Lounge comes into play.

Welcome to the Slow Lounge, uhm, not you, but the guy behind you with the entry privileged.

The Slow Lounge was a concept aimed to reward those business and private travelers who, well, earn a lot and travel a lot. If they traveled enough, BA would reward them the privilege of being allowed into the Slow Lounge. If they earned enough, and kept their money with FNB or parent company RMB, then they too would be allowed to enter the Slow Lounge. Certainly, once anyone has experienced the Slow Lounge, then the prospect of waiting with the crowded masses at the boarding gates becomes more than one can handle (similar to experiencing a Business or First Class international flight, and then never being able to fly it again).

The Slow Lounges, located at the OT Tambo (Johannesburg) International Airport and the Cape Town International Airport, as well as in Sandton Central (known as Slow In The City) provide travelers with a more luxury driven travel experience, at least on the ground anyway. So, tucked next to the other business lounges at the airports, the Slow Lounges provide delicious food and drinks, comfortable couches, great views of the tarmac, toilet facilities that are better than yours at home, and, most importantly, less people.

The lucky few that await boarding calls at the Slow Lounge.

The Lounge provides you with some very comfortable Nordic inspired furniture…knock-offs can be found at Ikea. It also comes with power sockets to charge your Apple, and brave but naive non-Apple products, books and magazines, if your Kindle gives up its ghost, and, naturally, free internet. Perhaps, one the best reasons for this lounge, is that they have toilet facilities that have not been used by thousands between cleaning crews.

The Loo with a View – so while you do your business, watch the planes take off. Don’t worry – you can see them, but they can’t see you (I hope).

They also have taken great attention to the food on offer.

The food on offer – better than some airline food!

And, to top it off, the Slow Lounge was designed by Greg Gamble and Co at Tonic Design. They received a Loerie Grand Prix for their work – so now you know that it just has to be worth it.