Now it comes as no surprise to those who know me that I am a collector of fragrances. Starting off at the tender age of 12’ish, I now have over 120 fragrances in my collection – but none so precious as my latest addition – the Farina 1709. The Farina 1709 is the world’s original eau de cologne, and unsurprising it comes from Cologne, Germany. Actually, that’s exactly how Eau De Cologne’s got their name – because the original was named after the city in which it was created. However, if you think that the scent was inspired by what the creator experienced in Cologne, then you are mistaken.

The world’s original Eau De Cologne – the Farina 1709

The Farina 1709, was created, yes, in 1709, by John Farina, an Italian who settled in Cologne. Wishing to capture the scents of Tuscany, he went about created his fragrance with the notes he remembered from his years growing up in Tuscany – Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruit, Bergamot and Blossoms. I find it strange that the fragrance celebrated as the world’s first modern fragrance would be named after the city in which it was created, and not after the region which inspired its notes. “Eau De Tuscany” may have been more appropriate, not only for the product, but perhaps for the entire product category.

Luckily enough, the fragrance is still available today – and the note mixture has remained unchanged from the original – so now you can also enjoy the fragrance enjoyed by such luminaries as Napoleon Bonaparte, King William I, Marc Twain, Oscar Wilde and Bill Clinton. On the fragrance spectrum, this fragrance sits between Citrus and Floral, however the beginning notes are far stronger aligned to the Citrus, and the settled notes to the Floral.

The Farina 1709 is sold through the manufacturing company, which is still the same company that was started by John Farina – and as depicted above, you are able to get your hands on the fragrance in its original packaging as well – termed the Rosoli. Now, the company does not deliver to South Africa, but does deliver to most of the rest of the world. So, if you are heading to Europe, just order it online and have it sent to your hotel. The Rosoli goes for around 75 Euros.

Visit their website for more information, or to order it –