What does it mean to be a 21st Century gentleman? Much has been written of English gentlemen and the rules that they lived by doing the Victorian period, however today’s society seems to be transfixed on a version of a man that is hard, overtly sexual, popular, trend-setting, and dedicated to personal success through their own means. While these may be acceptable (after all, we are all living in a society which should aim to accept everyone equally), I do think that the meaning of what it is to be a gentleman has been somewhat lost. At the launch of the new Givenchy Gentleman fragrance, an interesting discussion started on what it is to be a gentleman in South Africa. Givenchy offered this advise. 

“First of all, it signifies living elegantly and being decidedly open to others. It also means expressing a nuanced, subtle version of masculinity, in a seductive mixture of self-assurance and finesse. Strong and sensitive in equal measure, m the gentleman as seen by Givenchy is a free, audacious spirit who does not conform to cliches”.

Along with this discussion, Givenchy unveiled a new vision of masculine elegance with the new Gentleman Givenchy fragrance. Drawing on inspiration from the original 1970s fragrance, Givenchy has created a fragrance that perfectly balances unquestioned strength and confident delicacy, resulting in a men’s fragrance that audaciously contrasts in a woody-floral fougère.


Gentleman Givenchy is an EDT that is constructed around a floral note with deeply masculine shades; The top/head note opens with the freshness of a pear with bite, heated up by cardamom on a base of reassuring spiced lavender. In contrast, the leather-patchouli accord brings in its wake a sensual, vibrant dimension, balanced out with black vanilla. The bottle, heavy glass and highly graphic, takes on a modern allure in timeless codes;  sporting a black with the name proudly in white.

Woody Floral Fougere
Head: Pear
Heart: Orris, Lavander
Base: Leather, Patchouli

Gentleman by Givenchy is available in a 50ml and 100ml EDT.

And soon, you will see that Givenchy has a new face to represent the new iteration of Givenchy Gentleman. The English actor Aaron Taylor-johnson is the new brand representative, exuding the charm and sensuality of the fragrance. Below is the commercial, which certainly shows off his dancing skills.


Speaking about the collaboration Givenchy Parfums CEO Romain Spitzer said, “Aaron is a daring artist and a multi talented actor, with a caring and charismatic personality. We’re thrilled to have him as out iconic face for Gentleman Givenchy. He knows how to dance. He knows how to sing. He’s funny, intense. He has an energy that we like a lot. For me, his personality is a mix of elegance, charisma, generosity and singularity.”