It comes a quite a surprise that when I mentioned Nutella recently, the person I was talking to said, “what?”. Completely deserving of an immediate ‘klap’, I restrained myself and chose to rather enlighten them to the complete joy that is Nutella – specifically Nutella on toast with mushed banana.

2015-04-07 13.16.31

Nutella is a staple food stuff in Europe, but has managed to win a loyal (and somewhat fanatical) following the world over – for good reason. Nutella is, frankly, a gift from the gods. A chocolate paste made, primarily, from hazelnuts – that’s the nut in the middle of the purple Quality Street chocolate – yes, the one that everyone goes for first.

And while it is perfectly acceptable to walk around with a jar, spoon, and chocolate smudges around your mouth, there are various other, almost equally enjoyable ways of enjoying the ultimate child (and adult) pleaser.

2015-04-28 08.09.58

One such way is with banana – my mind goes to a possible further instalment of Minions where Kevin and Bob discover the pleasure of dipping a banana in Nutella.

So, if you are like me, and you require a bit of variety in breakfasts (not saying that oats isn’t great – but you can’t teat that every day, regardless of what your personal trainer tells you), then try this – mushed banana and Nutella of hot toast.

2015-04-28 08.12.37

Step one – take one banana and mush it up.

Step two –¬†toast some bread.

Step three – while the toast is still hot (otherwise its just burned bread), spread on the Nutella.

2015-04-28 08.13.28

Step 4 – spread on the banana.


All and all, I know that this post is, well, a bit of a indulgence, but if you don’t share your discoveries with the world, then how are people supposed to know to try new things.