If, at the age of 53, I can look as good as Tom Ford, then I will know that all the time I spend on my skin routine in the morning and evening was well worth it. Tom Ford is probably the world’s most well-groomed and well-dressed man alive. When you look at all that Tom Ford has given to the world of fashion, fragrances, design, and cinema, then it should be no surprise that he has also capitalised on the growing men’s grooming trend with the launch of the Tom Ford For Men skincare range.

Not yet available in SA - the Tom Ford Men's Grooming Range

Not yet available in SA – the Tom Ford Men’s Grooming Range

I must thank some very good friends for bringing a few of Tom Ford’s items to me from London and New York. Sadly, very sadly, the Tom Ford For Men skincare range is not available in SA, and you will have a hard time trying to get these ordered in via mail. Having said that, if you could get these in SA, then you would probably think twice as they are certainly not inexpensive – some might call them downright expensive. But, then again, you may also call it an investment, if Tom Ford’s skin is anything to go by.

At 53, Tom looks better than, well, all men his age.

At 53, Tom looks better than, well, all men his age.

As we age, the skin starts to show the natural signs of decreased elasticity due to collagen depletion, but ageing is amplified by various elements, such as environmental pollutants, over-exposure to the sun, and to a large part, diet. We therefore need to take better care of our skin the older we get, but also understand that when we are young, we should do all we can to ensure the skin is protected and nourished.

A great face wash - expect to pay a fortune though.

A great face wash – expect to pay a fortune though.

Using a variety of plant extracts, the Tom Ford Purifying Face Cleanser assists the skin in warding off damaging toxins, and elements that dull the skin, simultaneously reducing the irritating effects of environmental pollutants. In addition, the skin calming complex decreases the skin irritations and resulting redness, creating a line of defence against pollution and other toxins.

For 150ml, which I guarantee that you will treat like liquid gold, the Tom Ford For Men Purifying Face Cleanser will set you back around R700.00 ($48.00)

Tom Ford's secret to looking so good - ALWAYS moisterise!

Tom Ford’s secret to looking so good – ALWAYS moisterise!

Now that you have washed and purified your skin, always, always remember to apply a moisturiser. The Tom Ford For Men moisturiser contains an infusing complex, containing a blend of nutrients that mimic the skin’s own natural repair processes. The moisturiser is also armed with the same calming complex found in the face cleanser. The combined effect of both the infusing and calming complexes is skin that looks and feels fresher, rejuvenated and protected.

And if you thought the facial cleanser’s price was a bit hefty, the 50ML Tom Ford For Men moisturiser will set you back around R1300.00! Yes, you read that correctly, thats R1300 or $105 for 50ml of moisturiser. Sheesh!

And a little something to hide the blemishes.

And a little something to hide the blemishes.

And here’s perhaps the most controversial product in the Tom Ford For Men line-up. A few years back, when Tom Ford announced that he was bringing out a range of skincare and cosmetics designed specifically for men, everyone seemed to concentrate on the cosmetics part, translating this into “make-up for men”. I remember sitting around a breakfast table with a group of beauty editors and bloggers (predominantly female) debating whether South African men would ever adopt something that resembled make-up, which later developed into a discussion on whether South African women would ever accept their boyfriends or husbands using any type of make-up.

Then the range was launched and all the fuss seemed to be for nothing, as the cosmetic item was merely a concealer stick, aimed to provide men with a little concealer to hide the odd blemish, discolouration or shaving nick. This is less of a glamour item, and more like a handy little tool.

The cost? Oh, about R500 for a 2,3 gram stick!

Okay, so I may be going on bit about the price, but in all fairness, these products are great, and yes, I can provide testament to the benefits of the product, as well as the ease of use. I can also provide testament to the fact that I have never in my life been more careful not to waste a single drop of a skincare product – due to the cost of the product, but also because I love them so much.

The question is, would I buy this again? I am not sure, but given that I will be in London and New York soon, I will have to make my obligatory pilgrimage to the Tom Ford store, perhaps the least expensive thing in that store will be these items.

Will it do well in SA? No doubt, Tom Ford has enough of a cult following here to develop a solid sales base – but if it comes to SA, expect to only find it in Hyde Park or the Waterfront.