Whether you are up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning for some garden shopping, or looking up nursing ┬áhangover, a good breakfast is probably what you are looking for – enter the Munch Breakfast Pizza! So who said you can’t legitimately have a pizza for breakfast?

The Munch Breakfast Pizza

Now, while most coffee shops in nurseries are usually reserved for little old ladies who succeeded in escaping, once again, from the old age home in their 1964 Fords, Munch at the Garden Shop on Parktown North has this meal to save it from becoming the social club for the Salusa 45 takers. The pizza is a usual Margarita with scrambled egg and bacon – for the best results, as a bit of chili and parmesan. Be warned though – if you have a hangover, the screaming children may drive you to murder.

A closer look.