Whisky. Yip, fire water as it is known, is perhaps not the first drink we would think of when it comes to a cocktail, and over and above that, its probably not a spirit that many would readily accept mixing into a cocktail. But it took a vivacious blonde bombshell with a personality to boot to introduce me to a simple, but potent whisky cocktail. Introducing “The Ursula” – a special blend of Chivas Regal 12, appletiser, served chilled on the rocks.

A drink to knock you socks off. Chivas 12 and Appletizer on the rocks.

A drink to knock you socks off. Chivas 12 and Appletiser on the rocks.

So before the whisky purists scream blue murder at the thought of mixing anything but a pinch of water to A Chivas Regal 12, understand that, with a little discovery into the tasting notes of Chivas 12, that there are multiple possibilities of great cocktails. In this instance, the apple note in the Chivas 12 works perfectly with the appletiser to bring out a far greater fruity flavour, but the strong peat flavour keeps it from becoming just another cocktail. For those who want a whisky drink that is easier to drink, won’t burn the daylights out of your throat, and retains a degree of class and sophistication that comes with drinking whisky, specifically Chivas, then try The Ursula.