The Capetonians are so very proud of their coffee industry. Most of the time they are very quick to remind you that Vida comes from Cape Town, as well as Origin and Truth. Well, we can now suck it to Cape Town as Rosebank has Motherland Coffee – and for the first time I can say that their Double Skinny Latte beats Vida hands down.

Situated in a snug corner of Rosebank Zone 2, Motherland Coffee has developed a strong cult following, drawing in regulars from as far afield as Pretoria – yes, I have met a few people who regularly catch the Gautrain from Pretoriaville to get their favourite coffee in Rosebank.

To support Motherland is to support free trade and ethical coffee purchases from African coffee producing states. what does this mean? Well, it means that if you buy a Motherland coffee, you can be assured that your coffee beans do not support terrorist or criminal activities, that the price paid for the coffee was a fair one, and that the relationships between the businesses was an ethical one. ¬†Why is this so important? Well, Coffee remains one of the world’s largest traded commodities – right up there with Oil, and so, has similar problems to what happens in the Oil trade.

Aside from the great tasting coffee, that give you that kick up the butt that we need in JHB every morning to support the countries fastest working pace, Motherland’s food section also outclasses Vida. For me Vida’s food is getting a little boring, and well, not very nice. Motherland takes no chances and brings you really good sh*t.

So let the coffee revolution begin! And while you organise yourself, I’m off to get another latte.