I am always up to try out a new coffee. I am a java nut; however I recently discovered that it was more to do with my DNA than my love for the bean. A DNA Sport test completed with DNAlysis Biotechnology (more posts to come on this in September) found that I metabolise caffeine extremely quickly, and that is why I like my coffee strong and often. Nespresso can be happy about this discovery, because as long as they keep making great coffee flavor pods, I will be visiting their Hyde Park Corner store and buying them – I just wish they had some sort of loyalty programme, like Vida e Cafe does. 

Anyway, while I was stocking up with new coffee pods, I noticed that Nespresso had a new limited edition range. Remembering how much I loved the Milano and Palermo limited edition series, I purchased a pack containing a sleeve of each of the Barista Corto, Barista Sucro, and the Barista Chiaro coffees. Upon my first tasting of these I was won over, and they immediately became a favorite in my household. They also created a little bit on anxiety, knowing that these are limited editions. But for now I will enjoy them and hope (in vain probably) that these three will become permanent coffees within Nespresso’s pod menu.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each of the coffees within the Nespresso Barista Limited Edition series.

Barista Corto – Level 10 intensity. Perfect for a very intense Ristretto nero, the BARISTA Corto provides exactly what a true Ristretto connoisseur desires – an intense taste with a perfect harmony of sweetness, acidity and bitterness. Experience a rich cup with a thick, velvety texture and dark marble crema.

Barista Scuro – Level 8 intensity. With the Barista Scuro, discover the Espresso Macchiato that every barista aspires to make – robust and full-bodied, with rich, complex aromas and a strong coffee character that refuses to yield to the light sweetness of milk.

Barista Chiaro – Level 5 intensity. The Barista Chiaro allows you to experience a beautifully sweet recipe, crafted for a light tasting cappuccino. Indulge yourself in delicate and complex flavours, with notes of biscuit and caramel.

The Nespresso Barista Limited Edition is, as the name states, available for a limited time only as Nespresso stores countrywide and through the website.

A sleeve of 10 pods will cost R95,00