I am always looking for my next fix of coffee, and I particularly get excited when I go off on some international adventure in some far flung place of the planet because then I get to explore even further varieties of the morning wake-up elixir. Unfortunately, Starbucks has made it a point to ensure that, no matter where I go, they will always be there before me. Luckily enough, there are always the brave young start-ups to challenge the multinational conglomerates, and while Johannesburg is experiencing a rise in craft beer, Singapore is rather opting to foster its craft coffee – and this is very well represented by the guys from 7 Kickstart Cold Coffee.

7 Kickstart's range of cold coffee concentrates.

7 Kickstart’s range of cold coffee concentrates.

Firstly, I must state that Singapore is HOT. Not just a little warm Рdamn hot and humid. So, even here, while a hot cup of java is greatly appreciated, on most occasions, you are looking to bring your temperature down. Hot coffee is great, but I have always found it odd that cold coffee has to go through such a long process before it is consumed. Now I am not talking about instant crap, I am talking about the kind of coffee which takes a barista to carefully craft behind an espresso machine. Perhaps it is here where it all starts. The coffee I have fallen in deep love with seems to all originate through the espresso methodology Рmixing just the right temperature and pressure to  produce a phenomenal cup of PING!-juice. And while this process works well for hot coffees, it has never really appealed to me in the form of cold coffees, as the taste has always been a little to bitter and burnt. Its like toast Рgreat when its hot, but just burned bread when its cold.

Ice cold water drips slowly into the packs ground coffee, collecting the flavour and caffeine as its travels to the base.

Ice cold water drips slowly into the packs ground coffee, collecting the flavour and caffeine as its travels to the base.

So when I can across 7 Kickstart is got really excited. Simply, they understand that the espresso process needs to be adapted completely to ensure that, if you are serving a coffee cold, that the rich full-body flavour is preserved. Also, that in order to coax the coffee from the ground beans with cold water, it will take a great deal of patience. So, doing away with high degrees of pressure and heat, they use a cold drip method – not dissimilar to processes you may find in a science lab, and using pretty much the same equipment.

Collecting on the beaker - precious cold coffee.

Collecting on the beaker – precious cold coffee.

A particular variety of ground coffee is packed into a large glass beaker that has a spirally glass funnel tube attached to its base. This is then placed into a large wooden apparatus. Above this beaker a second glass apparatus is installed, this one containing cold water. The cold water is then allowed to drip, and I do mean drip, ever so slowly down onto the packed ground coffee, collect, make its way through the multiple layers of coffee, eventually making it s way down the spiral funnel as a concentrate of coffee into a collection beaker. And there you have it, as the name suggests, 7 Kickstart Cold Coffee.

The perfect shot of cold coffee. Thank you 7 Kickstart!

The perfect shot of cold coffee. Thank you 7 Kickstart!

And the taste – incredible. Its like an intense shot of smooth, rich and luxurious caffeine without any burnt or bitter tastes associated with heat and pressure. And does it get you moving – oh yes, a cup of this coffee will certainly get both the muscles and the brain into high gear. I only hope that this may make its way to South Africa – more specifically Johannesburg and Cape Town in time for Summer 2014!

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