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Float away your troubles at Life Day Spa 0

All you need for a little DIY R&R.

Work stress seems to have set in early this year, and 2015 promises to offer more excitement and anxiety. After all the ancient Chinese weren’t joking around when they came up with that curse, “May...

Africology Skin Hydrating Oil 0

Grow Your Mo with Africology

Movember is the one month of the year when men all around the world grow moustaches to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. “While most people are aware of prostate and testicular, many forget...

For the home spa feel - I highly recommend these two from Africology. 0

Africology’s Parkhurst Spring Opening

Africology, one of South Africa’s most sought after spa brands, now has a branch in the bustling Parks suburb, and conveniently situated 5 minutes form my house. And if you have been wondering what that...