By now I am sure almost everyone in Jozi has discovered the incredibly popular Johannesburg Neighbourhood Food Market in Braamfontein. It seems that most of Jozi’s young, hipster’ish arrive in droves to experience a taste of what Cape Town has been enjoying for some time, but we have one thing over on the Cape Town market – the Balkan Burger.

Look for this sign…then join the long, but fast moving queue.

The Balkan Burger is probably the most popular meal to have at the market – and for good reason. Trying to describe the deliciousness of the burger is pointless here, but if you are expecting a burger similar to Steers, Dukes, Beefcakes, Hudson’s or even Wimpy, then forget it – its more like a steak roll – Balkan style

Cooked as you wait and browned on the fire.

Get there early is all I can say, as the queue can get pretty long waiting for one of these. Also, at R40 each, there are a bit pricey for what you get, but it seems people don’t care about that as they just keep coming back for more.

Its not a Steers burger….but possibly better.