Living in South Africa comes with its fair share of security concerns. For those of us who have been the victims of crime, burgalary  in particular, security camera have become the norm. While in New York recently, I came across what I thought would be a great tech toy that would bring my anxiety some calm. Philips, among others, have launched products aimed at bridging the gap between the security camera at the home/office and your mobile Apple device. The In.Sight wireless cameras link to your wireless network and sync to the Philips In.Sight App on your iPad or iPhone.

The Philips In.Sight wireless home monitor M100

Once set up, the cameras will detect motion or noise and immediately send you a push notifications that the camera sensors have been activated. From here, all you need do is tab on the App and the monitors broadcast what they are picking up to your mobile device screen. What’s even better is that, if you see something that should’t be happening – be it a burglar, and employee watching porn, or your best friend giving it to your girlfriend, simply activate the record button and a video with audio is uploaded to your private YouTube account – ready to be used later.

Here’s the type of quality image you are likely to see and capture on your iPad or iPhone:

Image of Camera 1 in the office


Image from camera 2 at home

While this product is not readily available in South Africa, Philips SA should seriously consider bringing it here as we have a huge market for it – especially with the ever growing adoption of Apple products. And at a price of around ZAR2000, it far cheaper than the mega-professional security options of ZAR10K and more.