Its perhaps one of the best breakfasts available in The ‘Hurst – yet, very few know about it.¬†Perhaps you have been drinking at the Jolly Roger, sitting upstairs watching the world pass by and noticed the orange bistro and deli across the road. Now while you may think that this place is strangely out of place next to the two competing “Jollies”, Possums Bistro & Deli offers a great breakfast for the morning after.

The Breakfast Egg Pie arrives.

The Possums Breakfast Egg Pie is flat out great. Having gone back every Saturday morning for this, I can highly recommend it. It takes a while to prepare, so don’t be too impatient. When it arrived and you begin to dig in, you’ll understand that the time and effort it takes to make this little parcel of joy is well wroth the wait. So what is it. Well, the pie is filled with a scramble egg and ham mixture and baked. An egg is then cracked on top and left to cook a while – it arrived runny. The dish is accompanied by a sweet chilly and onion relish that is by far one of the best in Jozi, and adds a phenomenal perspective to the overall ease.

While the dish takes about 15 minutes to prepare, I have yet to take longer than 5 minutes to exhale this dish – owing to the taste, and perhaps also due to the state of hunger I am in when it does arrive.

A look inside!

P.S. Insist on the white nut fudge when they bring the bill…I will be positing a separate article on this later.