While my blog is usually about the things you can find in Johannesburg (’cause that’s where I stay), I do travel frequently and have come to discover favourites that I can’t have every weekend. I am usually down in Cape Town at least once a month, and when I am there, I try and always get to Soho Restaurant in the De Waterkant for what is probably the best Chicken Pad Thai in SA. 

The Chicken Pad Thai is a firm favourite for those who know of Soho Restaurant in Cape Town.

I discovered this dish about 6 years ago while staying at The Village Lodge (the hotel attached to Soho Restaurant), and it has been on my top 10 best dishes ever since. I am not a massive fan of Thai food due to the high concentration of spices and fish that usually accompany most hai dishes, but the Chicken Pad Thai is saved from this.

The chef at Soho is 100% Thai, with a long family background in Thai cooking – so you know you are getting the real deal here. While the dish includes shoestring pasta, it is perfectly proportioned so that you can finish it all (not that you wold leave anything anyway). The chicken is cooked well, but retains its moisture, and is mixed with a few spices (the chef refuses to tell what they are), and finely chopped peanuts – so if you have a nut allergy – best stay clear. All in all, a damn nice meal.