Dictators are known for their opulent lifestyles and riches. They have an overwhelming need for power and control that often consumes their lives and the lives around them.  When one thinks of a dictator, the common characteristics that come to mind are powerful, strong and rich.

This is much like the Motherland coffee, the dictator. The dictator’s main ingredients are a double espresso, condensed milk, a shite load of cream, topped with chocolate shavings. This encompasses the strength of a dictator and the sweetness of an opulent life.

Motherlands DIctator

Motherland’s Dictator – now the rich, sweet life can be tasted by everyone!

The world has seen a number of dictators throughout the centuries, and of these dictators some of the most powerful ones have come from countries including, Kenya, Brunei and Saudi Arabia. These also happen to be countries that produce coffees consumed by the world.

Daniel Arap Moi, the former president of Kenya, was a dictator that ruled from 1978 to 2002. He was considered one of the richest men in Kenya who, in his 28 – year rule, accumulated more than one billion dollars of the country’s wealth.

Hassanal Bolkiah, the 29th and current ruler of Brunei. Bolkiah has had full executive authority since 1962 and has in turn allegedly made himself immune to all Brunei laws. And has a net worth of 20 billion dollars.

Known more for its rich and lavish lifestyle, than any other country from which dictators are from, Saudi Arabia’s Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz is the absolute ruler of the principality. With interests across the world, the Bin Abdul-Aziz wealth stretches to multiple countries.

Dictator Before and After

Before and after – The Dictator delivered a super-sweet punch!

Since the rise of the common man to complete authoritative power, many dictators have fallen from their thrones. The loss of their wealth and lifestyle has meant that the citizens of their countries have been emancipated from their stern rule.

More and more countries are revolutionizing the manner in which they are being treated by those in power and reclaiming their basic human rights. These include their labour rights and living conditions.

Motherland Coffee may have a dictator in their ranks, but the coffee company is in full support of the Fair Trade movement. Now you can taste the life of the dictator in the rich and powerful coffee made at all Motherland Coffee Company outlets.