The Eight&Bob Fragrance – If its good enough for JFK, then…

Always looking for a new cologne to discover, while in Cape Town, I came across the Eight & Bob fragrance, and the very interesting, although possibly unbelievable story. Regardless of whether or not you believe the story that comes with this fragrance, the Eight & Bob does command the attention of a nose looking for something pleasant and masculine.

With a story of mystery, war, a president, and death, the Eight & Bob is very intersting.

With a story of mystery, war, a president, and death, the Eight & Bob is very intersting.

The story goes along the lines of, the legendary ex-US president John F Kennedy discovering a fragrance created by a Parisian fragrance connoisseur Albert Fouquet. Albert has a thing for having bespoke stuff, so he created a fragrance specifically for himself that everyone loved – but he refused to mass produce it. But, after meeting a twenty-something JFK during the Summer of 1937, he was so taken-aback, that he agreed to give JFK a sample – with a note only a true frenchman can leave, “In this jar, you will find the dash of French glamour that your American personality lacks.” Meow! Anyway, so JFK goes back home. He puts it on, and magically everyone thinks JFK spells like a million bucks – apparently enough to grab the future attention of Jackie-O. He soon runs out of the French glamour in a bottle, and begs Albert to send him 8 further samples and one for Bob. But Albert and the Nazi’s had other plans. Albert goes and dies in a car accident, and the Nazi’s grab France. Damn Nazi’s – seriously!

But Albert’s butler, Phillipe, (the plot thickens) decides to keep the story going, and, since the Nazi’s didn’t like books much, he hid the bottles inside the books, and smuggled them out of France.

A classic fragrance, with intrigue and mystery.

A classic fragrance, with intrigue and mystery.

Ya. So that’s the story. Believe it or not. But, as fragrances go, its a damn nice one, ideal for Summer and Spring. The fragrance is based on the scent of the Andrea plant, with top notes of ginger, cardamom, lemon and bergamot, middle notes of cedar wood (although this should be within the top note as it comes through very strongly), nuts, essencia cistus and guaiacum wood, and base notes of patchouli, sandal, ambergris and vanilla.

A lot of different notes – but its damn good, will last a long time, and has an interesting albeit a possible fake one.

The fragrance, hidden inside the book, retails for around R1700 from Peacock Blue in the Cape Quarter and Franschoek in Cape Town.

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