The industry of health and beauty has, in South Africa at least, been more reserved for women than for men, and its safe to say that South African men on the whole are not necessarily overly concerned with their personal style and grooming. You may be surprised to learn though that the South African men’s grooming market is steadily growing, and a report by Nielsen’s finds that four in five consumers agree that men are more interested in personal grooming than they used to be.

Further, that metrosexuals who spend time and money on looking good were okay’ed by the globally surveyed consumer groups, with approvals from New Zealanders (92%), Danes and South Africans (91%), Chinese and French (90%). And, with this global trend taking hold, we welcome the MANBOX – the subscription based grooming service that delivers a box full of grooming stuff directly to your home or office.

The limited edition MANBOX!

The concept is simple, but brilliant. Go online at, register and, when its available, purchase a box and it will be delivered to you. For the women, RubyBox runs as a monthly subscription, so for a annual subscription, they get a RubyBox delivered each month. The men’s MANBOX however is a limited edition, and is not yet available as a monthly subscription – but there is a possibility it might happen if the market is big enough to support it.

So why should you purchase it? Well, the MANBOX (Men’s Health approved) introduces you to a load of new personal health and grooming products that you probably wouldn’t come across. What’s more is that it is delivered to wherever you want it, cutting out time spent in malls and shops, and it costs far less than if you had to purchase all the products from a store.

Men’s Health approved – the MANBOX 2nd Edition

The MANBOX is, literally, crammed full of products. In a 150 x 190 x 80mm box, the service has managed to cram in:

  1. A Clicks multi-action toothbrush – yip, men generally do not change their toothbrushes often enough,
  2. A 25m roll of Clicks whitening dental floss – because we can never get all the biltong stuck between our teeth out,
  3. An 80ml Kerastase Homme Daily Treatment Shampoo – for a refreshing and thickening effect,
  4. 200ml of Loreal Studio Spike Fanatic Gel – so that you too can get your hair to stand on end,
  5. 120ml of Green Cross Foot Spray – because the only thing that should stink is a good cheese (and not between the toes),
  6. A 30 capsule pack of Vital Endura Max – for extra vooma in the sack,
  7. 5ml of Bulgari Man fragrance – so that you can smell expensive, and
  8. 28g of Dermalogica Pre-Shave Guard – to fight the razor burn.

And all of this for a measly R200, delivery included.

Guys, it’s well worth it, and we hope that the MANBOX makes a third, and subsequent regular appearance. Ladies, not a bad present your your boyfriends either, especially if you are trying to get them to spend a little more time looking good.