I have had the Nike+ FuelBand since June, but have been trying to write this review for a while – trying to find a real position to write about it, other than state that it is a combination step counter, watch, and calorie burning monitor. Well, in short that’s pretty much it, but with a bit of an unsuspected twist.

I am a great fan of how Nike have integrated sport apparel and technology. Having been using the Nike+ app to record my running, I was rather excited to be in New York for the launch of the Nike+ FuelBand as I thought it would add another dimension to my running. But no.

So, what does it do? The Nike+ FuelBand is a smart, black, little band that fits around your wrist. Through the movement of the band (by the movement or sway of the arm) it measures the approximate amount of energy your body is consuming. This calculation is then represented by Nike+ Fuel, calories, or steps.

The four settings on the Nike+ FuelBand: Time, Fuel, Cals and Steps.

So what the hell is Nike+ Fuel? Well as far as I can see, Nike+ Fuel is a figure calculated at a ratio of 1 Cals to 2,62 Nike+ Fuel. So why do we need another measurement of energy? I have no idea, other than it would mean that through this clever marketing ploy Nike does further to own the space of sport apparel, technology and fitness obsession.

So why bother getting one? 

Nike+ FuelBand gets you addicted. While it does pretty much the same as various other products on the market, it introduces Nike+ Fuel, it allows you to track all achievements on a highly entertaining website as well as a on the smart phone app.

Well, its the great tracking screens that will get you hooked.

That’s how it keeps you coming back. It relies on you getting addicted to tracking your energy burning activity, achieving goals, and getting the quirky cartoon dude jump all ofter the screen. Get hooked and you’ll love it, but if you need more than a black band and fancy sight / app to give you the superficial recognition and praise for your daily activity you desperately need then you may want to skip this one.

Unfortunately, I just can’t stop putting it on in the morning. And besides, it still gets people asking, “That’s cool, what is it?”