Coffee is the world’s second largest traded commodity, topped only by Oil, and driven my million’s of coffee addicted consumers around the world – me included. Then, by accident, I was introduced to the Red Cappuccino, and discovered that tea does not have to be as boring as you may think.

Hiding beneath the creamy foam topping lies a double shot of Rooibos Tea. Yes, you heard right.

The Red Cappuccino carries the usual traits of a cappuccino; its rich, creamy, and topped with foam and a touch of cinnamon, with one very special difference. Instead of a concentrated double shot of coffee, the primary ingredient is actually a concentrated shot of Rooibos Tea! Madness, I know!

Once you get over the fact that someone has dared to mess with the clearly defined lines of tradition and decorum between the two camps of tea and coffee, the prospect of a intense shot of tea in a cappuccino format may sound interesting enough to try. And thankfully I did.

Usually reserved for coffee, the Red Cappuccino uses the same pressure and steam technique to extract an intense shot of Rooibos from the dried tea leaves.

The intense shot of Rooibos mixes extremely well with the foam, and the dusting of sweet, woody cinnamon brings out its complexity of the earthy, nutty, vanilla hinted notes. Then, the caramel, orange / red colouring of the tea shot mixed with the foam, given the beverage a distinct creamy-reddishness.

For coffee purists, this beverage would probably end up in the same loathsome grouping as flavoured latte’s, but those that have a bit more of an adventurous spirit would probably end up enjoying this, and possibly ordering a second.

Also, there are some other benefits to it. Unlike a double shot cappuccino, this beverage won’t keep you up at night, and it contains no caffeine. Instead it has 5 times as many antioxidants as green tea.

Red Cappuccino’s are gaining in popularity in SA, and are available at select outlets, such as Woolworths Café, Melissa’s and Motherland Coffee (as featured in the images).