I collect colognes wherever I go, and yes, I have to admit that I have too many (currently count at 107). But now and again, I come across a scent that totally captivates me and quickly becomes one of my firm favourites – one of which is the Eau De Singapore. 

One of the best, and most uniquely scented colognes I own. Highly recommended for any collector of fragrances.

I discovered this cologne in 2009 while on honeymoon in Singapore. Tucked away in the corner of the gift shop of the Raffles Hotel stood this 30ml bottle, giving off one of the most powerful sweet scents ever to enter my nose.

The cologne is a light and refreshing unisex fragrance reminiscent of the garden city in the tropical island of Singapore. The top notes of Bergamot and Lime are harmonized with nutmeg and subtle undertones of Orchid. The result is a cologne that is instantly unrecognizable – meaning that if you wear this, expect everyone to ask what you are wearing. Unfortunately, this cologne is no longer available through usual channels, but I have a direct line to the manufacturer, so let me know if you are interested.