I love gadgets, and especially those that link to existing gadgets to increase the awesomeness. I am never without my iPhone, and while I love it, one thing I have always wanted to have the movie be a little bigger, but without having to have the phone bigger. So, when I discovered the AIPTEK MobileCinema i50D on the Orange online store – I knew I just had to have it.

The AIPTEK MobileCinema i50D

This smart little projector plugs directly into your iPhone  4 and 4s and well as the Ipad 2nd and 3rd generations, but less snugly with the iPad 4th gen (yet another case where Apple decided to change the shape of the iPad without considering all the accessories that we got that can no longer fit with the new style). Also be careful, the projector uses the 30 pin dock, and not the lightening connector. But if you, like me, decided to keep your iPhone 4s (’cause the iPhone 5 didn’t really blow my mind), then prepare to have some fun.

There is a great deal of strength in this little box. Once set up, the MobileCinema i50D bursts out a brightness of 40 Lumen at a pixel ratio of 640×480 (VGA). For the best results, don’t try to project more than 150 cm, however, I decided to increase the projection size by projecting just over a meter, and while the image quality did decrease, it was good enough to watch the director’s cut of Lord of The Rings: Return of the King. What’s even better is that, if you airplay the audio to a supporting sound system (like the B&W Zeppelin) , you have a damn good little cinema set up.

A closer look

The MobileCinema i50D links automatically to apps that have the full screen presentation option like movies presentations, and does not work with other apps. So if you are hoping to project your spreadsheet or mail, know that its not going to work.

In action, the AIPTEK MobileCinema i50D transforms your boring wall into your personal cinema.

The rechargeable battery is pretty good, lasting around 120 minutes – so enough for one movie, or, if you are running low on your iPhone battery power, just plug it in without activating the projector, and the projector will use 80% of its power to charge your iPhone.

All in all, I love this projector. Its small, strong, and user-friendly. But when it comes to cost, some may have a few issues with the price. Currently the Orange store has the price at ZAR4034,99. Not a bad price, as projectors go, but considering that you can get a larger and stronger projector for around ZAR6000, then it may not seem like a real benefit. Having said that, the larger projector will not easily fit into your laptop bag, it wont link easily to your iPhone, won’t provide an extra power burst for your phone battery, and simply won’t have the cool gadget factor that the MobileCinema i50D has.

So, in short, if you have the money and want a mobile cinema with you at all times, the MobileCinema i50D is for you.