Anyone who says you can’t find Salvation through food has clearly not eaten at Salvation Cafe. As a very popular restaurant located within the 44 Stanley complex in Milpark Johannesburg, the eatery has a loyal following that turn time after time for the ‘regular’ meals, but also for the great specials created from time to time.

As it arrives it seems rather plain…

On the specials for the day was the Chicken Curry Wrap. While most wraps tend to be pretty much the same as any other – well, what I means is, if you’ve had one wrap, you can’t pretty much imagine what the others are going to taste like, this wrap is slightly different. The actual wrap is fresher than others I have had, yet is not something to write more about. Its the contents of the wrap that demanded this write-up.

The curry sauce around the edge of the plate gave an idea of the taste to come – reminiscent of an indonesian curry, with a rich, creamy, but spicy coconut-chill taste. The chicken is moist – particularly important as if it was served even slightly dry would, in combination with the dryness of the wrap, simply make the dish inedible. More than just being moist, the inside of the wrap is filled with the same curry sauce and a particluarly delicious sweet chutney. Perhaps the only thing I didn’t really enjoy was the large pieces of greenery that simply overpowered the taste of the rest of the meal.

And then you cut into it, and you understand why so many love this wrap.

Well, whatever you taste is, the wrap is very good – not possibly my best meal ever, but well worth a try if you find yourself at Salvation and not wanting to order the signature Salvation Burger again.