If every man could have a teacher in style, then every man should aspire to learn from Tom Ford. Undoubtably of the biggest influencers of style and grooming for men, and women, within the last 20 years, Tom Ford is considered to be a master of his trade – which includes everything from fashion and accessories, to cosmetics, skincare and fragrances, to feature films. So this week, I will be dedicating a number of blog posts to Tom Ford, the first being these collection of videos produced by Tom Ford and GQ entitled Project Upgrade. They are a little old – but still very relevant for today, and will give you great tips in improving your overall style – including fashion and grooming. Later on this the week, I will be posting on the two popular men’s fragrances – Tom Ford Noir, and the new (to SA) Tom Ford Noir extreme, and then to finish up the week, I will be posting on a section of Tom Ford men’s skincare products, which hopefully will be coming to SA sometime soon.



First up, Tom provides us with a lesson in upgrading our style. We have all been at that point in our life where we are ready for the next stage in our professional career, however our wardrobes are full of clothing from our reckless youth. Here’s a rather inspirational video on how, with a little bit of attention, you can go from ordinary to noteworthy.


You may have the confidence, but is your style holding you back? You may be great at what you do, and have ambition to achieve your goals, however if your personal style is not representative of this, chances are you will probably have a more difficult time in getting there.


Grooming and fashion go hand in hand. While a great suit may make you feel good and boost your confidence, should you let your grooming slip a bit, the look will probably be undone quite quickly. Spend a little time making sure that your skin is well looked after, and that your facial hair is maintained.


Nothing has greater smack factor than an arrogant commodity trader, but if you have every spent time wondering around the financial districts of London, Singapore and New York, you would have to admit that they, mostly, know how to dress to instil confidence. After all, would you trust your money to a guy in a t-shirt and sneakers? Well, I am not sure if I would trust my money to a guy in a great suit either, but a better dressed banker may get a little more of my time to try and convince me.