When it comes to grooming, especially male grooming, there are so many different issues one has to deal with on a constant basis. For years women were the butt of jokes relating to how long they took in the bathroom to get ready, but now men are starting to realise that looking good takes a little bit more time than a quick shower and splashing water on your face. And while men have woken up to benefits of a comprehensive skin regime, a decent and neat haircut and well-tailored cloths, there are still some grooming requirements that have not evolved with the times – and one just is mouth and teeth care. Thankfully, the guys at OralB have finally made significant advancements in, yes, toothpaste, leapfrogging the product category lightyears into the future. Simply put, after learning about this product range and having tested it for 2 months now, I will never use another toothpaste again (unless it outdoes this one). 

Oral B Pro-Expert Toothpaste

Oral B Pro-Expert Toothpaste

If you grew up with parents like mine who stressed the importance of mouth and teeth care, and explained that adopting good dental care practices early on in life would benefit you all the way into your old age, then you may also harbour a few OCD traits when it comes to brushing your teeth. Unfortunately, when I first can a cup of coffee so many, many years ago, I started a love aware with all caffeine products that I doubt will ever end – and so I am faced with a rather difficult situation, or at least was faced with a rather difficult situation.

You see, overtime you drinking or eat anything, that which you put in your mouth and grind between your teeth has something of a chemical reaction with your biology. And while your teeth are among the most hard substances on Earth, they are constantly exposed to various elements that would invariably wear them down – and this is where having a good dental care product comes in handy. Its all amount neutralising the acids in your mouth, and yes, for the longest time toothpastes have been doing a fairly good job, but perhaps not good enough – this is where we need a toothpaste that neutralises the stronger acids – toothpaste with something called Stannous – which thankfully OralB does have.

But why is the OralB Pro-Expert so much better than any others? Good questions – and here’s why.

Magic paste - or that's how I like to think of it.

Magic paste – or that’s how I like to think of it.

The OralB Pro-Expert toothpaste contains a polyfluorite system which consists of both an antibacterial fluoride as well as active clean crystals. While the antibacterial fluoride gets to work strengthening the enamel and killing of bacteria growing in your mouth, the active clean crystals move into the incredibly hard places to not only clean out further gunk, but also fill in the millions of small holes developing on your teeth as a result of exposure to strong acids.

What does this mean? Simply, that this toothpaste does;t only just clean your teeth and protect your teeth, but goes a long way to fixing small problems that have already started. For instance, if you have small cavities forming, over time with regular use of the OralB, these small cavities will be fought off and filled up – preventing further degradation of the enamel.

Its a toothpaste that works to keep you out of the dentists chair – although it does not replace the dentist.

And over the 2 months that I have been using tis product, I have witnessed some remarkable developments:

1. You know when you watch a movie, and in the morning people wake up and face to each other with their faces very close or start kissing immediately? I always cringed at this – DRAGON BREATH! Well, the Pro-Expert goes a long way to fixing that. Because it is a long lasting antibacterial toothpaste, it sticks around well after you finished brushing and continues to kill of the bacteria – so unless you sleep walk and eat during the night, you will wake up with a much fresher breath – allowing for morning kisses to be acceptable – providing your significant other uses the Pro-Expert too.

2. My coffee intake is ridiculous. Yes, I love coffee, and this has resulted in a bit of staining – but I have always fought this off with long period of brushing, mouthwash, and rinsing after almost every cup. Even then, the stains were setting in. But the Pro-Expert has done a remarkable job of not only breaking down the existing stains, but also preventing further staining. Loving it!

There are a host of other benefits to this product, from preventing cavities, plaque and tartar, to preventing enamel erosion and increasing the protection against painful teeth sensitivity, but really, this product is packed solid with every benefit a toothpaste should have. We should not have to trade off certain benefits for others, toothpaste should have everything packed into it – and this one does. Thank you OralB – you have a serious fan.

The OralB Pro-Expert toothpaste retails practically everywhere, and goes for around R35,00 for 75ml (Dischem, Clicks, etc).