You may think that Cape Town has all the art culture – but you would be SO wrong. Actually, Johannesburg is by far the centre of the art world in South Africa, in both the art producer and art buying perspectives. This is evident in the growing scale and attendance of the annual FNB Joburg Art Fair – which attracts art buyers and sellers from around the globe. This years art fair was sensational, and proved that the art being produced by artists in South Africa are some of the most sought-after in the global art scene, and yes, this extends beyond the world-famous artists William Kentridge and Claudette  Schroeder.

Joburg Art Fair 1

If you are interested to know a bit more about the fair, here’s a bit of information provided by the organisers, “FNB Joburg Art Fair is located in the heart of Johannesburg, Africa’s financial capital. Johannesburg is home to a burgeoning and vibrant art scene, and a new order of art communities that are seizing the contemporary art agenda around the world with international significance. The event attracts a wide audience, creating a platform for dialogue and exchange, which reaches beyond the realm of the arts. The Fair spearheads a diverse ‘Joburg Art Week’ with various events happening around the city from open studios, gallery openings, workshops and debates.”

Joburg Art Fair 2

As with art, there is so much to say, but I will rather just let you see the art that was on show, rather than go into detail of each. So, here, enjoy some of the best pieces on show at the fair.

Joburg Art Fair 14 Joburg Art Fair 15 Joburg Art Fair 13 Joburg Art Fair 12 Joburg Art Fair 11 Joburg Art Fair 10 Joburg Art Fair 9 Joburg Art Fair 8 Joburg Art Fair 7 Joburg Art Fair 6 Joburg Art Fair 5 Joburg Art Fair 4 Joburg Art Fair 3

And surprisingly, there we a couple of photos from the legendary master of photography Annie Leibovitz – well, kinda. Actually, they were prints from the Annie Leibovitz partnership with Macallan Whisky. Every year, Macallan partners with a master photographer to produce a series of images for the exclusive use of Macallan, but in her series, she created four images to be used on a limited series of four variants of Macallan whiskies. Each of the four single-cask variants were printed with an image she created using Scottish actor Kevin McKidd (reference the Grey’s Anatomy doctor), and served as the label to the bottle.


The four were named after the image in which Kevin staged the view of the quintessential Macallan drinker – “the Library”, “the Bar”, “the Gallery” and “the Skyline”. Only 1,000 bottles within this series were made, 285 each of all except “the Library”, of which only 145 were produced. Each bottle was accompanied by a print of its associated image.

And, a little bird tells me that the a new Masters of Photography partnership will be announced in Johannesburg pretty soon!

Joburg Art Fair 17 Joburg Art Fair 16