There are so many men’s fragrances that promise that, by means of a few squirts of their elixir-like scent on your neck, you will immediately develop an ability to attract everyone within a 50km radius. What’s more, this special liquid will also bestow deep brown eyes, flowing locks, a chiseled jawline, and a stable previously reserved for a-list celebrities. Hogwash? Well, most if it, but it is true that a particular fragrance that you have a special affinity towards, and which seriously pleases your nose, may give you an additional confidence boost. This confidence boost presents a more attractive personality and will draw people in for a closer inspection, and then the fragrance kicks in, ticking another box on their subconscious approval list. 


So when it comes to fragrances, you either have those that stand out, or those that fade from your memory as fast as they fade from your neck. Thankfully, Azzaro’s new Wanted eau de perfum fragrance for men falls within the former. On first inspection, the bottle is intriguing, and certainly does make for a conversation point. On a shelf with other fragrances, it certainly stands out as one of those that catches and holds your eye longer than the others. If you have not figured it out, its a gun cylinder design, but beautifully designed and executed.

But a bottles design is not really what we are after when we purchase a fragrance – its the smell that you want.


Woven of noble, trendy materials that give it a modern cut and an impeccable hang – just like a very handsome suit – Azzaro WANTED can be classified as a woody-citrus-spicy fragrance. We rummaged through the formula as if it were a man’s closet and found a selection of the most beautiful collection “items” to stylize skin.

What are the main notes in this fragrance: Ginger (peppery Spice), Lemon Duo (explosively citrus note), Tonka Bean (vanilla note), Vetiver (woody note), Cardamom (spice and citrus note), and Prickly Juniper (leather note).

Our thoughts? All in all, a remarkably good fragrance, with serious stand out fragrance characters that last a pretty long time on your skin, and which will get your intended target’s attention – but its up to you to hold it. After all, a fragrance can only do so much. Its up to you to “defy destiny, trust (your) luck, and attract (your) desires.

Want it? Go to the RedSquare online store – retailing between R995 (50ml) and R1200 (100ml)