The maker of Bliss, the world’s most viewed picture, is heading out again to create the next generation of background photos. In the mid 90s Chuck O’Rear pulled his car aside somewhere along Sonoma Highway to take one of the world’s most iconic pictures – Bliss – the default computer wallpaper of Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system. Twenty-one years later, Lufthansa releases New Angles of America, where Chuck brings the next generation of wallpapers to life. 

“I am turning seventy-six and realize how much the Microsoft “Bliss” photograph has meant to my life. As the photographer of the most viewed photo in history, I have enjoyed every minute of the fame. Likewise, I am thrilled to create for Lufthansa a sequel to the ‘Bliss’ photo on smartphones so that my views of other beautiful places can continue to be enjoyed by millions of people. After all, smartphones have become the primary place for the world to see new and interesting photography. And, I’m glad to be part of it”, says Chuck O’Rear.

Despite O’Rears extensive career, with countless assignments for National Geographic and other high profiled magazines, Bliss will probably be his most remembered achievement. In fact, Bliss has been claimed to be the most viewed photograph in the world.

“The Bliss photo came to mean more to Microsoft than we ever could have imagined. That one photo has grown in to a pop-cultural phenomenon of its own – and as such it has its own clear fanbase, not least within the company. With that in mind, it’s pure joy to see an initiative like Lufthansa’s New Angles of America”, says Anna Ström, Head of Experiential marketing at Microsoft Western Europe.

New Angles of America covers three unique destinations in North America. The photos were released on November 14th, and can be seen and downloaded for free at:

The places that are represented in New Angles of America are:

·       Maroon Bells (Colorado)

·       Peek-A-Boo Slot (Utah)

·       White Pocket (Arizona)

“Lufthansa always thrives to inspire travel in people’s everyday lives, and this campaign really captures that”, says Kristina Oestroem, Director Marketing EMEA, Lufthansa Group. “The American landscape has so many beautiful scenic places, that our biggest challenge was deciding on just three locations to photograph. Together with our partner United we were able to travel easily to all these beautiful regions we want our customers to discover, which will become more famous through Chuck’s pictures”.