To celebrate the new Soccer campaign, BOSS Parfums introduces BOSS BOTTLED UNITED, a new limited edition. For those who act with passion, loyalty and integrity, the fragrance honors a player’s path to success as an olfactive encapsulation of an inner-city pitch.

Combining the crispness of the outdoors with an urban warmth, it delivers a relentless freshness thanks to its twist on the original BOSS BOTTLED ingredients. Opening with South African Buchu, it combines with Blood Orange to create its citrus edge. A heart of Spearmint, Peppermint and Orris Concrete create its liveliness, while Vetiver, Patchouli and Cashmeran drive its woody warm elegance. Enclosed in a silver-shaded flacon, the scent acts as a physical reminder of the well-earned trophies received when players perform at their best.

To support this, BOSS Parfums proudly announced its 2018 Soccer campaign, celebrating the individual paths to success of universally distinguished players Julian Draxler, Philippe Coutinho, Harry Kane and Alvaro Morata. A winger. An attacking midfielder. A forward. And a striker. Four crucial positions in the game of soccer held by four outstanding players. Four men who embody what it means to be a Man of Today. Men who realize their dreams by staying true to who they are. Every hour of every day. No matter what. 

The new biennial BOSS Parfums Soccer campaign will explore the way each player translates the values of the game into the real world. Inspired by their integrity, passion and loyalty, fans will be empowered to strive for more themselves. To be the best they can be. United together. 

As Draxler, Coutinho, Kane and Morata share their journeys, fans will discover that their attitude and values are the most integral elements behind their success. A path that begins with a story of passion and a determination that has carried them from the streets they played as children, to the stadiums they play today for millions of fans. Regardless of their team, their respect for those around them make soccer the sport it is. Noting the important of this, the campaign will shine a light on their values and how they live true to them every day. How they exercise integrity in everything they do. Success on the pitch makes them iconic. But their behavior off the pitch turns them into role models. 

Captured by Terence Neale for the advertising campaign and with shots by Vincent Flouret, emotionally-charged visuals tell the inspiring story of success, teamwork and dedication – the key to victory in the game of soccer. 

100ml   R1235.00

Stockists: Edgars , Red Square , Woolworths , Truworths , Markhams

A bit more information about the players:

Julian Draxler 

Known for his rare ability to play soccer with both feet interchangeably, his speed and powerful shot, German winger Julian Draxler champions the idea of success as the powerful culmination of hard work, self-belief, and determination. 

Philippe Coutinho 

Aside from being celebrated worldwide for his vision, passing, dribbling and long-range strikes, Brazil’s attacking midfielder also excels at providing assists for teammates. The player’s vision and passing ability have earned him the nickname Little Magician. He is the perfect player to bring to life values of the BOSS Parfums Soccer campaign. 

Harry Kane 

Not only has England forward Harry Kane scored over 100 goals in the Premier League, he is the first player in its history to score six hat-tricks in a year, has been awarded Player of the Month six times already, and won the Golden Boot award twice. He perfectly embodies the vitality and drive of the new BOSS Parfums Soccer campaign. 

Alvaro Morata 

Spanish striker Alvaro Morata is known for his quick feet, pace, energy and excellent movement. He loves to connect with his fans and support good causes, having previously shaved his hair off in solidarity with sick children. He epitomizes the passion, integrity and respect that lies at the heart of the new campaign.