Think Hugo Boss and the immediate association is exceptionally well-tailored clothing using the highest quality fabrics. It’s a brand that you aspire to own, and once you have an item of clothing baring the Hugo Boss label, it becomes one of your most prized possessions. Recently I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Zurich, a city with an unusually high proportion of beautiful and extremely fashion conscious people. Similarly, the department stores in the main shopping districts carry limited edition collections of designer labels intended for the select few hundred people globally that are in the right place, at the right time, and with the right credit card to purchase one of their creations. Hugo Boss is well-represented on the higher floors of the Jelmoli department store, and showcases a variety of items within the Hugo Boss limited edition collections that utilise a variety of simply amazing fabrics.


Hugo Boss simply is one of the best fashion houses in the world, and pay an enormous amount of attention to the selection of their fabrics, as well as the craft which goes into the design and manufacturing of their clothing ranges. The fragrance department is no different – having created one iconic fragrance after another.

Now, Hugo Boss has married their two specialities to create an exclusive range of fragrances simply called Hugo Boss The Collection. Each fragrance within this collection blends two complementing fragrance notes to deliver a fragrance that is unique, complex, deep, and luxurious. As you would slip on an expertly tailored Hugo Boss suit, so too would you apply one of these fragrances to complete your style.

Comprising of 6 fragrances, you are sure to find one, two or four that would perfectly suit your style, and your mood – however, we are sure that once you try one or two, you will end up wanting all six.

For those that enjoy soft but deep fragrances that convey a sense of comfort, try the Cashmere and Patchouli, or Wool and Musk fragrances.

If you enjoy fragrances that are slightly more citrus or lightly floral based, the Cotton and Verbena, or Silk and Jasmine would best meet your requirements.

And for those with a deep, complex, and brooding disposition, wanting a fragrance that makes a subtle, yet undeniably clear statement, add the Damask and Oud, or Velvet and Amber fragrances to your collection.

Hugo Boss The Collection fragrances are available through Stuttafords countrywide.

This article first appeared in Men’s Fitness South Africa February 2017 edition – written by Greg Forbes. Products were supplied by the South African distributor for review purposes.