BOSS Parfums has announced that our favourite Avenger, Chris Hemsworth is the new face for BOSS BOTTLED. The Australian actor joins an exclusive circle of previous fragrance ambassadors as part of the renewed BOSS BOTTLED Man of Today campaign launching in September 2017. 

One of the most iconic male fragrances of the last 20 years, BOSS BOTTLED is synonymous with aspiration, effortlessly incorporated into the daily routines of men all around the world.

Here’s what Chris had to say, “Having been around for so many years, BOSS BOTTLED is unique in the sense that it’s timeless yet still relevant to men today. It’s a huge honor to front the new Man of Today campaign.”


The BOSS BOTTLED Man of Today campaign will launch globally from September with an avant-premiere in July 2017 in the U.S. Further details to be revealed over the coming months on the official HUGO BOSS social media channels.