As I write this entry I am sitting in my hotel room in the German city of Frankfurt – what many would agree is the true financial heart of Europe. It is a small city, but one that is steeped in history, and with an unmistakable personality that is reflected in the residents of the city – a belief that if something is to be done, it must be done to the highest quality standard. 

Many of the financial institutions of Europe call Frankfurt home, and along with these businesses come many of the business people who work hard and enjoy an exceptional standard of living, and who like to dress and groom accordingly.

Hugo Boss is often the clothing item of choice and so are the accessories and fragrances. Stand in any coffee shop on a workday morning and you are guaranteed to spot many a Hugo Boss label or smell their very distinct fragrances. Simply put, Frankfurters are stylish, but in a reserved and minimalist way; clean lines, well formed, muted colour palettes and exceptional tailoring.

It was so fitting that I was able to really test out the two new fragrances from Boss The Scent – their new Perfume edition – in a city that so perfectly fits with the classic, distinct, clean, yet confident personality of the fragrances.

The original Boss The Scent and The Scent for Her which launched in 2015 and 2016 respectively, quickly rose to be one of the year’s most successful fragrances in terms of sales, and in terms of ongoing popularity. The dark, seductive Boss The Scent defined (in fragrances terms at least) the new sex appeal for men – a fragrance which reflected what many men wanted – to be able to begin their seduction before the first word is said. For Boss The Scent For Her, it too represented what many women wanted – to equally begin their seduction with a scent which communicated their confident feminine power.

It now seems that Boss wants us to be even more seductive, increasing our pulling power with perfume editions of The Scent – for both men and women.

Boss The Scent Parfum men’s version is a far darker, powerful, luxurious and intense fragrance than before. The heart of the fragrance now includes orris root concentrate and patchouli which gives the fragrance a deeper, darker and more seductive dimension.

Boss The Scent Parfum for Her still maintains its floral and fruity notes, but the perfume is a little darker; the stronger note of osmanthus and cistus gives it a deeper, more exotic and intoxicating scent.

Yes, I tested both of these – both the men’s and the women’s perfume editions – and the verdict? Both did exactly what they promised, they got the attention of people.

When I wore the men’s perfume, I had quite a few women ask me what I was wearing, and then ask if they could lean in a little closer to smell it again – to which I obliged. Some men also reacted to this scent, asking what I was wearing and giving an approving nod.

When I wore the women’s fragrance, again I had many women ask me what I was wearing and the majority were surprised when I told them. As for the men’s reaction, I wore this on a train ride from Frankfurt City train station to the airport. The train was rather busy and the temperature climbed inside the train cabin, which activated the perfume a little more than usual. We were all packed in a bit tightly. I noticed in the reflection of the window that the guy standing behind me was leaning in towards me, a turned around, and he quickly pulled back, his face going a little red in embarrassment – however he did look up at me and give me a slight smile.

He got off the train one station before the airport – the stadium station – to attend a soccer league match with a group of his friends.

These new editions come in completely black bottles and boxes, in line with the Black on Black capsule collection, as the first fashion and fragrance joint limited edition of this house.

Both of these fragrances are available in SA at leading beauty, fragrance and skincare are outlets (    Edgars , Red Square , Truworths , Foschini & Clicks).


100ml (M)          R 1 660.00

50ml (F)             R 1 375.00