Yes, without a doubt, this is the best limited edition range that Nespresso has brought out to date. I only hope that this range is so popular that it makes it into the standard stable of coffee pods on offer – otherwise, please, they should just let me know and I will trek around the country to buy every bloody pod I can get my hands on. Bravo to the Nespresso Palermo and Milano coffee pods!

Nespresso…il migliore dei caffè!

As coffee’s go, I have always held the belief that the Italians know how to make the best coffee. Okay, so there may be thousands of varieties of coffee’s from around the world, and yes, you may say that Ethiopian, Indian, or Colombian coffee’s hold the top spots in terms of the source materials, but for me, nothing beats the deep, rich, and flavourful notes of Italian hot beverages – there is a reason why so many of the coffee’s names are Italian after all.



Unfortunately for those who don’t have a Nespresso machine, the Nespresso Milano and Palermo will sadly be out of reach for you, but perhaps this is a good time to go and invest in one. Of all pod coffee’s, Nespresso has proven to be one of the leading, although I must admit that I do still love my Lavazza machine.

From the first coffee you make from these glorious pods, you will experience the richness of the coffee in the aroma, as well as the rich and creamy velvet-like texture as it oozes out of the machine into your coffee cup. It is worth trying the coffee’s without adding any sweetener and milk to really get an idea of the range’s differences.

The new limited edition Italian coffee range from Nespresso!

The new limited edition Italian coffee range from Nespresso!

The Nespresso Palermo and Milano pods are available from any of the Nespresso stores countrywide, or through the online store. They come in the standard pod packs, but I would strongly advise to buy more than one sleeve of each – yes, you will go through them quickly.


Both coffees are remarkably rich and creamy, but both have very distinct base flavours. While both are just delicious, I do prefer the Milano’s less peppery, more fruity and malty taste. The Palermo is the coffee that you need in the morning, to slap you across the face to get you going. The spicy, peppery, chocolate taste will certainly get you going Avante! Avante!

Nespresso Polermo!

Nespresso Palermo!

But its always good to have both – one to get you moving, and the other to enjoy when you are relaxing.

The milder Milano is an intensity 9, and is a glorious blend of Arabicas from South and Central America, and reinforced with a Guatemalan Robusta. The stronger Palermo, is a far more powerful blend of East African Arabicas and Robustas, which result is a fantastically intense coffee experience, but with a wonderful silky texture.

Nespresso Milano

Nespresso Milano!

So all in all, this coffee range is one of my favourites! Both coffee flavours are perfectly suited for the coffee lovers lifestyle. Both are rich, full bodied, flavourful, with significant aroma’s, but both have very different flavour notes setting them apart.

They are a celebration of the deep love that Italian’s have for coffee, and I have no doubt that they will be loved by anyone who tastes them.

The sleeves are priced for only R79.00, so get them before they disappear (disappear straight into my coffee cupboard!).