Many men workout their bodies to stay fit, strong and healthy. Now there’s a face care range from NIVEA MEN which delivers a daily workout for men’s skin, new Active Energy. 


The new NIVEA MEN Active Energy range formula is loaded with the new NIVEA 5-in-1 Vitamin +Complex with nurturing and vitalising ingredients to energise and revitalise tired-looking skin for instant results. Ingredients include:

  • NIVEA Co-enzyme Q10 and Creatine, known for their positive effects on the skin’s energy metabolism.
  • Caffeine, known for its vitalising effect.
  • Minerals to support a healthy complexion
  • Provitamin B5 – or Panthenol – which has relaxing, nurturing and moisturising qualities

This nurturing Vitamin+Complex fights the signs of tiredness for an energised look, instantly improving the skin’s condition for healthy looking skin and long-lasting freshness. 59% of all men would like a care product that is not only refreshing and moisturising, but also gives the skin a healthy appearance*, and that’s just what Active Energy delivers.

NIVEA MEN Active Energy Fresh Look Face Gel and the Active Energy Skin Revitaliser Face Cream 


The NIVEA MEN Active Energy Fresh Look Face Gel is the first face care gel for men with instant effect. “This product is a real innovation”, confirms Dr. Reto Peirano, leader of the NIVEA MEN Formula Development Department. “The innovative transparent gel formula contains the new Vitamin + Complex. It smoothens out irregularities of the complexion, instantly provides a fresh and healthy appearance and reduces signs of tiredness. The special formula, including encapsulated micro-pigments, makes it possible. During the application process these capsules burst and smoothen out irregularities of the complexion – thanks to their special features,” explains Dr. Peirano. Signs of tiredness are reduced visibly and pale skin looks refreshed immediately.

Use the Active Energy Skin Revitaliser Face Cream to fight the signs of tiredness instantly, and ensure a  fresh-looking skin throughout the day. Skin feels moisturised without feeling sticky. Enriched with Vitamin + Complex, the fast absorbing and non-sticky formula helps improve the skin with refreshing moisture.

Recommended selling price (RSP): Active Energy Fresh Look Face Gel, R129.99 for 50ml

Recommended selling price (RSP): Active Energy Skin Revitaliser Face Cream, R129.99 for 50ml

NIVEA MEN Active Energy Face Wash Gel


A gel cleanser which effectively removes dirt and impurities, while the Vitamin + Complex ensures that skin remains healthy and smooth. After cleansing skin has a revitalised, fresh appearance and a pleasant skin feeling.

Recommended selling price (RSP) : Active Energy Fresh Look Face Wash Gel, R59.99

NIVEA MEN Active Energy Skin Revitaliser Shaving Gel 


An advanced shaving gel formula that helps to protect skin from nicks and cuts. The high performance formula, enriched with Vitamin + Complex, optimally prepares the skin for razor shaving.

Recommended selling price (RSP): Active Energy Skin Revitaliser Shaving Gel, R74.99 for 200ml