This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and while many are very aware of breast cancer and how to check yourself for lumps and bumps (thanks to a very good public awareness campaign that has been going for years), what is still frightening is the rate at which cancers are diagnosed. Globally, the cases of cancer diagnosed remains on the increase. While phenomenal strides have been made in terms of treatments for many cancers, what is incredibly important it still that cancer is identified early, and what could be earlier than identifying the probability of cancer occurring? Thanks to DNalysis Biotechnology and their DNA Oestrogen test, the possible identification of those that are more prone to developing cancer as a result of oestrogen based factors is possible.

As a society in the midst of adopting technology, which results in an “always on” life, and with it increased stresses, we but our bodies under enormous strain, which leads to various complications down the line. Mix this with bad lifestyle choices, and the chances of developing illnesses increases.

Now, and this may be a very controversial perspective, if you take into account that the meat we eat comes from livestock that has been pumped full of hormones to increase the rate at which they grow as well as their size, when you may agree that we unknowingly exposing ourselves to factors that may lead to an increase in developing cancer. While I am sure that every effort is taken to ensure that this meat is safe for human consumption, meat that is grown with the assistance of hormones will be full of hormones, and you will inevitably ingest these, albeit in minuscule quantities.

Okay, so where am I going with this? It is very important to understand that you are exposed to far more factors than you think that may impact on the body’s ability to reproduce healthy cells.  Many of these factors mess around with our body’s chemicals, such as cortisol and oestrogen, and that this increases the chances of developing cancer. Now, if your body is already at risk of developing cancer as a result of your DNA, then you really, really should know this so that you can make the necessary changes and understand that you should be going for regular checks, just in case.

Now I can hear all the guys out there dismissing the DNA Oestrogen test as one that is only relevant to women, but they are sorely mistaken. Guys, your body also produces oestrogen along with testosterone, and yes, while you should be creating more testosterone than oestrogen, because of our lifestyles and what we tend to eat, there is a very good chance that something could be wrong with how much oestrogen your body is producing or how well your body is processing and expelling it. If just one of these stages is not within a normal range, then you have something to worry about. So, its best that you have this test done.

DNalysis Biotechnology kindly invited me to have my DNA tested, and the results were not only exceptionally interesting, the information was incredibly helpful in identifying certain risks and what I could do to mitigate these.

The DNA Oestrogen test results are very detailed, and provide a clear outline as to what you should be looking for. For instance, while my tests reported that most of my genetic variations were in the low impact range, there were two cases, particularly in the detoxification stage, that reported that I have to be extra careful of what I eat, what vitamins I should be taking more of, as well as how important it is for me to get regular exercise.

DNalysis Biotechnology has brilliant practitioners that are very knowledgable. In the video above, Helen Gautschi gives a lot more detailed information on the DNA Oestrogen test, which I urge you to watch if you have the slightest concern. If you personally don’t have any concerns, then consider your friends and family. If you can help them identify a possible cancer diagnosis early, then you may have helped save a life.