I have stated before that we are nearing the point in time where a new medical treatment age is dawning. The approach that we, as humans, are all subject to the same medical diagnosis and treatment processes is fast becoming an outdated notion, and with the increased accessibility to exceptionally advanced medical technology that makes it possible to decode our DNA to determine predetermined conditions or increased risk to illness, physical disability, and a host of other medical conditions, the human race faces the very real future of a longer and better quality of life.


However, our DNA contains more information than just our susceptibility to illness and disease. Locked deep within our human coding strands lies the information that determines how physical prowess and capabilities, our natural alignment to foods that would best suit our bodies specific needs, as well as the body’s ability to store and burn fat. In addition, our DNA determines how our bodies will react to medication – probably the single most important reason to have your DNA analysed – the medication you are taking now or medication that you may be prescribed in the future may actually be doing more harm than good – simply because of the prevailing medication belief that one size fits all.

Knowledge is power; we all know this, but knowing this does not mean that the power is exercised. After all, you may know that smoking is dangerous and leads to cancer, however humans are prone to ignoring inconvenient truths.  But, for those who understand the importance of, and the associated benefits of knowing information that could improve their quality and length of life, a more relaxed, less costly future potentially lies in store for them.

You may also argue that knowledge is power, but only for those that can afford it – which is very true. We are living in a society where not everyone has access to acceptable medical services, but this is changing, and an exciting development is that DNA analysis is becoming a service that medical aids are preparing to cover as part of their benefits. This is a development that is being advanced by the leading private DNA analysis company in South Africa, DNAlysis Biotechnology that believes that “modern medicine is predictive, preventative, personalised and participatory; its focus is shifting from disease to wellness.”

The services that they offer are nothing short of life changing. Through the analysis of your DNA you are able to provide valuable information to your medical practitioner, pharmacist, personal traininer, and chef (if you have one) or you if you are the house cook.

The process is definitely not invasive. Just contact DNAlysis Biotechnology, order the tests you want, and they will send you a DNA collection kit. Simply take out the swab, rub in against the inside of your cheek for a minute or two, fill out the forms, then send it back to them. After a few weeks, your results will be ready. They will then send you to one of their practitioners for a full breakdown of your results.

The tests that you are able to order are:

DNA Diet: The test that reveals how your body metabolises, absorbs, and stores fats and carbohydrates. This will help you understand what you need to eat and what you should avoid.

DNA Health: This is possibly the MUST HAVE DNA test. It analysis 36 gene variants in your body’s processes that may lead to higher risks of developing lifestyle diseases. These include cholesterol metabolism and heart disease risk, bone health, inflammation, insulin sensitivity, your body’s ability to detoxify, as well as food responsiveness to things like lactose, salt, and caffeine.

DNA Sport: This tests for whether your body is more genetically suited to strength or endurance. This is very important for those of us you love running, but may find that our body simply will not cope with the stress if bring on your bones and muscles. Alternatively, if you like pushing weights, you may find that you should be avoiding this at all costs as this may cause lasting, severe damage.

DNA Oestrogen: Research has presented that increased lifetime exposure to eostrogen leads to a higher risk of cancer in both women and men. This test identifies any gene variants that have a strong link to how your body manages oestrogen.

mygeneRX: This test examines how your body metabolises medication. I have previously posted on this (click here) – and I can highly recommend it. You may be taking medication that you really shouldn’t be, or alternatively you are taking medication which is doing absolutely nothing for you. Its best to find out exactly what works for you and what doesn’t.

What’s more is that DNAlysis Biotechnology is soon to launch a new product which gives further insights into beauty.

In the coming weeks, we will be exploring each test individually, providing you with more information on how these tests could change your life. Personally, I am extremely interested to find out exactly what I am doing right, what I am doing wrong, and what I need to do to ensure a long and healthy life.