This fragrance line has been voted the world over as the world’s most beautiful fragrance bottle – and I can’t agree more. The bottle of the Dunhill Icon fragrance is simply a finely crafted work of art – but what’s more is that the internationally renowned bottle was designed by our very own South African born Mark Eisen.

Over the years, Dunhill has launched three fragrances within the Dunhill Icon series, but to have them all together is wonderful, and exceptionally beautiful to look at, and of course to wear. Have a look at the bottles below to get an idea of the beauty and intricacy of the bottles design.

Dunhill Icon

Dunhill Icon (Silver)

The first in the series, the Dunhill London Icon ETD opens with surprisingly light and fresh notes of Italian bergamot, lavender and neroli – not what you would expect from the bottle design not the Dunhill brand, however the fragrance then leads into a heart of leather, oakmoss and oud. Interesting that this fragrance would comprise of two string primary fragrances of oud and neroli, but they have definitely made it work, and work very well together. And just when you think that you have fully discovered the fragrance, it ends off with base with notes of black pepper and cardamom. It truly is a very well layered and deeply considered fragrance, which is both fascinating to explore and enjoyable to wear. 


RRP: ZAR1276.00 100ML at RedSquare

Dunhill Icon Absolute (Gold)

The second in the edition, and my personal favorite within the series, the Dunhill Icon Absolute presents itself in the same design as the original, however not in a yellow gold colour. This iteration perfectly communicates the ease of style of Dunhill; simple, sophisticated, and luxurious. The fragrance opens with Sicilian bergamot and black pepper top notes resulting in a soothing citrus, woody and floral opening. It soon develops into a intriguing heart saffron, black rose, and Egyptian jasmine – providing a sweet and seductive property to the fragrance. It ends with deep and rich base notes of burning oud, tobacco leaves, and Tuscan leather.

RRP: ZAR1516.00 100ML at RedSquare


Dunhill Icon Elite (Black)

The final of the three, the Dunhill Icon Elite presents the fragrance in the elegant, masculine, and his timeless black suit style. Where the first fragrance was more fresh, and the second more intense, the third celebrates the wood notes – the main notes of the new edition, vetiver, sandalwood and ebony wood, were harmoniously blended and skillfully spiced with sweet cardamom. 

RRP: ZAR1276.00 100ML at RedSquare



Well, I am not sure what I am looking forward to most: the next fragrance within the series, or that fragrance’s bottle – which I hope to be something along he platinum or rose gold theme – if international trends are to be believed. Either way, both the Dunhill Icon fragrances, as well as the packaging in which they come, continue to be considered as treasures within my collection, and I will welcome any addition to it if the design continues to be of an exceptionally quality and beauty. Until then, I will keep these three on rotate for special occasions.