Its Father’s Day. You have just sat down with your dad. You’ve poured your first drink. You’ve said “sláinte”. That’s Gaelic for “good health”. Maybe it’s your first conversation. Maybe it’s just your first in a while. Either way, it’s time to take the time to get to know each other better. So, let’s get this thing started. 


You’re father and child, and even though he will always be your dad, you’re probably old enough now to also start being friends. You may think it strange to be sipping a whiskey with your dad. We think it’s your first step to really get to know the only man who’s literally known you your whole life. Yes, we mean the same guy who owned the liquor cabinet you used to sneak a swig from back when you had just turned 18. You need to sit down and really talk. Start small. Maybe with something you have never told him or something you have never asked him. Sound intimidating? Well it shouldn’t because you guys aren’t alone in this.


The Irish know a lot about two things; whiskey & family, which is why this Father’s Day you two can share the world’s second largest selling Irish whiskey in the world, while you learn more about each other as people. Tullamore DEW encourages you to sit down in the true Irish spirit and share…responsibly of course.


Depending on how you choose to enjoy your Tullamore D.E.W (neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail) we are pretty sure, when all is said and done, you’ll have plenty of time for three questions in each.


We don’t even expect you to think them up. We’ve set you up with some pretty interesting conversation starters ranging from easy questions, to some you never thought you’d be brave enough to answer.


So, we recommend you set aside time for at least two or three drinks. The first round should see you break the ice, the second will melt the tension, and the third will distill your conversation into the kind of knowledge that brings you closer together.


Three rounds, three sets of questions, and the chance to know each other three times better.


Round 1: Breaking the ice. Pour yourself and your dad a D.E.W Rocks – a Tullamore D.E.W with lots of ice. Settle in, and decide who is going first.


For you: 

  1.   Tell your Dad the first story you remember him telling you.
  2.   Ask him something about his first job.
  3.   Do you know what his favourite film is? If you do, ask him why. If you don’t, find out what it is.


For your dad: 

  1.   Ask your child what music they like listening to. Ask them why.
  2.   Tell your child how you felt when you dropped them at school on the first day.
  3.   Explain how your father met your mother.


Well that was the easy part. Your first drink is finished. You’re a little more comfortable, and you know more about each other. Its probably the type of stuff you would have told each other anyway. But it’s good to get into the swing of things.


Now that you’ve loosened up a bit. Let’s move onto round 2, shall we? For your second drink, pour something likely to shake things up, something that’ll help you both through the following questions.


We suggest the D.E.W Fashioned – Tullamore D.E.W whiskey, Angostura bitters, and Irish Stout.


For you: 

  1.   Finish this sentence… I have to tell you what really happened when….
  2.   Ask him who his favourite child is. Pause dramatically and then laugh and go “just kidding, I already know it’s me.” Then get serious again and, ask him “but why?”
  3.   Find out what he is most afraid of.


For your dad: 

  1.   Ask your child what their first memory of you is?
  2.   Tell them their real nickname. The one you and their mother call them.
  3.   Say this “Ask me anything you want to know.”


Last rounds. How is it going so far? You getting into it? You guys getting to know more about each other? Grand. Let’s pour another.  You have questions you’ve been dying to ask, and the time is never going to be much better than it is now for those confessions you been keeping secret.


We suggest the Bad Apple D.E.W – Tullamore D.E.W whiskey, a brown sugar cube, Irish stout, Orange bitters, and Irish cider.


For you: 

  1.   Tell your Dad the rudest joke you know.
  2.   Give him a new nickname based on what you now know about him.
  3.   Teach your Dad about hashtags. Make him have a conversation with you in #’s.


For your dad: 

  1.   Teach your kid a new phrase you think they need to know.
  2.   Give them a fake piece of sage advice, see if they notice it’s not true.
  3.   Now tell them something you want them to remember about you.


Three drinks down. An afternoon with your dad well spent. A friendship cemented – he knows you, and you know him #3XBetter. Repeat as needed. Often if possible, you’ve just met your newest and longest best friend.


Tullamore D.E.W can only be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 18. If you are not, then you are going to have to wait. And while Tullamore D.E.W is frequently enjoyed the world over – we are the world’s second largest selling Irish whiskey – we ask that you always drink responsibly and if you drove to your dad’s place, or he to your’s, or if you both met at a pub, rather make sure you’ve both arranged a lift home. He may have taught you to drive, but he also taught you not to drink before, or while doing it.


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