Today the gin connoisseurs of the Mother City, and those fanatically inspired you jet into the city, descended upon Woodstock to attend the Gin and Tonic festival. Those dedicated to securing their tickets early had access to the wondrous and marvellous world of gin; a world that is constantly expanding and exploring the vast multitude of botanicals and flavours that gin (and tonic) offers. Inspired by the curious aspects of gins and tonics, Hendrick’s Gin presented a brand new South African creation – the Hendrick’s Gin Curious Tonic.

Marson Strydom, Hendrick’s Gin South Africa mixologist supreme, excited explains the inspiration behind this most curious cocktail, “Hendrick’s Gin has 11 different botanicals and is infused with rose and cucumber, which allows it to be the base of countless cocktail interpretations ranging from sweet and citrus to bitter and spicy. The exceptionally usual method in which it is produced also ensures that Hendrick’s is a smooth gin that easily allows it to be mixed with other ingredients, especially those that are found in South Africa and are loved by the local market. This is why Hendrick’s Gin is a much-loved gin among South Africa’s phenomenal bartenders and mixologists.”

“For the Cape Town Gin and Tonic festival, we have explored all the botanicals within Hendrick’s Gin and have perfectly paired them with local favourites to create the Hendrick’s Gin Curious Tonic. We purposefully used the hibiscus tonic as it is has a wonderful floral accent with a slight spicy undertone. These two elements really bring out a curious, less explored, side to Hendrick’s Gin”.

Shaun Stemmett, brand manager for Hendrick’s Gin South Africa states that, “the gin category is probably the category that has the highest degree of creativity in terms of both the design and production of gins and tonics, but also cocktails. It is incredibly exciting to see what will be on offer, but we have no doubt that our premium and expectantly unusual Hendrick’s Gin cocktails will be gleefully enjoyed”.

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Hendrick’s Gin Curious Tonic

50ml Hendrick’s Gin
20ml Elderflower
20ml Lemon Juice
Fresh mint
Hibiscus Tonic

Mint and Cucumber