The tree is up, the stockings are hung, Michael BublĂ©’s Christmas album is playing, and in every attempt to get the same level Christmas spirit flowing through your veins as when you were a child, you have also lit the fireplace – but still there is something missing. Its a sensory thing, and its important to consider that the sense of smell is the strongest memory eliciting senses, so if you want the full Christmas picture, then add in a scented candle. The smart people at L’Occitane have thought about this, and have brought out the Winter Forest Scented Candle.

The L’Occitane Winter Forest Scented Candle

You may think that a this scented candle would not do the job, but the strength of this fragrance is enough to fill an entire house. The Winter Forest candle is particularly strong with the mixed scents of pine, cinnamon and peaches. So think, sweet, pudding and forest’ all-in-one and you have it. It may sound like a strange mixture, but it works. So, for around ZAR300, your home could also smell like a European log cabin during Christmas.