To enchant is to fill someone with great delight, and in a sense put someone under a spell, to charm, beguile and mesmerize them. Ah, what better way to fill someone with great delight and allow them to see the world through charmed eyes than with a Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic. 


For centuries, man (and, of course, women) has been enchanted by a veritable encyclopedia of marvels, oddities, and intriguing artifacts, which suggest that we live in a far more fantastical world that what we may believe. Yet, for those with an appreciation for the unusual, particular peculiarity in one’s environment is not only tolerated, but celebrated.

So, as we introduce our wondrous Hendricks’s Gin Enchanter Gift Pack, complete with a most helpful measuring apparatus – the beloved jigger – we are now, for the first time, able to measure the precise amount of enchantment that we wish to induce. And, like the many fantastical worlds that lay hidden behind the thin reflective sheets of grandly gilded mirrors, our little jigger also has a wondrous duality – behind the single tot measuring cup stands affixed a double-shot measuring cup. Which of the measuring cups is the real one and which is the fantastical is a personal expedition that every gin lover must take to find their own, unique truth.

So, to assist you on your expedition, here are a few enchanting facts about various enchantments to amuse you on your journey:

  1. The origin of the word can be traced through history to the Latin word canere, which means “to sing”. It would seem that there was a particularly wonderful songbird at that time, whose voice would “incantare” – cast a spell. This was then adopted by the French to become “enchanter”, which was later refined into the word we know today, “Enchant”.
  1. Yet, songbirds with enchanting voices are not of the fairer sex alone. While many, to this day, still debate whether Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby sang the “Some Enchanted Evening” better, we tip our hats to Ezio Pinza, who was the first to offer his voice to the South Pacific musical hit.
  1. “I Put A Spell On You” is a song that seems to actively invoke enchantment, and it seems it is an enchanting song with boundless longevity. First sung in 1956 by Jay Hawkins, the song has gone on to be reprised by musicians of almost every decade, with the exception of the 1980’s. We can understand why.  Over 12 musicians have sought to enchant the music hit charts with this song, however the most memorable recordings include Nina Simone’s 1965 reprise, and Bette Midler’s iconic performance of the song in the 1993 Disney movie, Hocus Pocus. But, here’s a techno version by Monique for you to enjoy.

And, three enchanting conjurer cocktail concoctions to discover:

  1. A Hendrick’s and Tonic, of course.


50ml Hendrick’s Gin

150ml Tonic Water

3 Thinly sliced rounds of cucumber



Pour Hendrick’s over ice into a highball glass.

Add tonic and garnish with cucumber slices.


  1. The Conjuring Collins

40ml Hendrick’s Gin

20ml Fresh lemon juice

10ml Sugar syrup

Handful fresh sage leaves

3 Cucumber slices

Dash Absinthe

100ml Soda water


Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake hard over ice.

Strain into teacup and garnish with a cucumber slice and fresh sage.


  1. The Hoodootini

40ml Hendrick’s Gin

20ml Dry Vermouth

15ml Dom Benedictine

Dash of Peychaud’s

Dash of aromatic bitters


Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and stir over ice.

Pour into a martini glass without ice and spray orange zest over the drink.


The Hendrick’s Gin Enchanter Gift Pack retails at an enchanting recommended retail price of R399, 00 and is available from all leading alcohol retailers in South Africa.