Humility is a wondrous trait to be admired, but Hendrick’s Gin deems it fit to celebrate and boast that they were voted The People’s Favourite Brand during SA Cocktail Week (SACW). Hendrick’s is delighted at this award, and truly appreciative to all of the loyal supporters for finding favour in this most unusual gin, infused with rose and cucumber.

Shaun Stemmett, Hendrick’s Gin Brand Manager at The Really Great Brand Company says, “We are really proud of the fact that we were nominated for this award, and more so that the people love the brand as much as we do. We try to stay true to ourselves (the unusual nature of the brand) in everything we do, and we believe this is why we won. Hendrick’s Gin is not just a brand, it’s an unusual experience”.

With something to grin about, Hendrick’s Gin South Africa Brand Manager at RGBC, Shaun Stemmett.

Amongst several other nominees for The People’s Favourite Brand, Hendrick’s Gin came out on top and won the hearts of the SACW participants. “Hendrick’s Gin won best brand – it’s a wonderful gin with such a great identity around it and we are very happy to see that the hard work put in by the brand has been rewarded,” comments Raymond Endean, Partner in SACW and Owner of Orphanage Cocktail Emporium.

“What made the event more successful is that it was consumer focused, not industry focused, and that international and local brands and competing venues all came together with a common goal: to spread the love of cocktails and highlight what the South African cocktail industry is capable of,” says Endean. There were over 700 people in attendance at the launch event and over 3000 votes from the general public to determine the awards.

SACW is an annual weeklong summer festival showcasing the vibrant local cocktail community. This year’s event will saw 10 of Cape Town’s top cocktail venues partnering with some of the world’s most well-known premium spirits in a lively competition of winning the best in categories such as; Most Loved Cocktail Bar, Top Bartender, Most Enthusiastic Brand Ambassador, The People’s Favourite Brand and most of all, Best Signature Cocktail.