The idea of a casino brings with it images of glamour and excitement, where brave men go to try their luck, accompanied by a mysteriously beautiful women of course – lady luck is always required. However, Casino’s are designed in very specific fashions to tempt you to stay inside and keep playing, and these could have disastrous effects on your appearance. Here’s a quick guide to looking good, while you continue to win big.

card player gambling casino chips on green felt background selective focus

Temperatures. The temperatures within Casino’s are very carefully controlled.  There is a fine balance between keeping the players comfortable, but also a little hot to ensure that they continue to order drinks. As higher than normal temperatures are maintained you will start to perspire, so best used a strong antiperspirant, like Shield’s sprint aerosol (R18.99) and roll out deodorants (R25.99) – perfect for men needing a little more protection than usual.


But, you can always take advantage of the temperature’s affect on your body and wear a fragrance that will not only last as long, if not longer, than you, but also tells the world that you are a confident power player. We recommend the Davidoff The Brilliant Game (R975.00 from RedSquare) – a great oriental woody fragrance presented in what looks like a stack of casino chips!

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Excessive consumption or alcohol and salts: Coupled with the heat tactic is the salt tactic. Peanuts and raisons may be delicious, but they have another nefarious objective – keep you thirsty so that you drink more, and so, gamble more.

Natural Sunlight: Aside for casino’s needing to be 100% secure, the reason that there is usually no natural light entering the building is because they do not want to to realise just how long you have been sitting in the room. The more aware you are of the time, the greater the risk that you will call it quits earlier.

In this instance, is important to keep hydrated, your skin included, so before you go, apply a good moisturiser that will penetrate the skin quickly, and keep fatigue at bay – try the L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic daily moisturiser (R125.00).


Then, of course, practical grooming is important, nobody likes stray hairs and long nails on a guy. Tweezerman has developed a series of grooming tools specifically for men. Tougher, sturdier, and more practical for guys with larger hands, the kit comes in a handy leather pouch (R499,99 at Dischem).