Hugo Boss. Yes, its another global brand associated with luxury, style and success. Its possibly one of the brands that most young men aspire to own, but when it comes to the costs associated with the clothing, its no surprise that the most commonly owned item of Hugo Boss is one of their colognes. That’s not a judgement, as Hugo Boss have successfully launched many colognes over the years, but my personal favourite within their ranges is the Boss Bottled range (but may soon be replaced with the Boss. The Collection range). 

A MASSIVE thank you must go our to Red Square and African Sales for assisting me with getting my full range of Hugo Boss Boss Bottled completed, and for sending me through the newest in the series – the Hugo Boss – The Scent!

Its Hugo Boss Baby! There the complete Hugo Boss Bottled Series!

Its Hugo Boss Baby! There the complete Hugo Boss Bottled Series!

Okay, so I know what you are thinking – exactly how different can all these colognes be from one another. Yes, I have also been taken in by fragrances houses, most notably those that have fashion extensions, who bring out ranges of colognes that are so similar that they are practically the same, but Hugo Boss doesn’t go down that road. I will also be exploring the ranges of Issey Miyake and Jean Paul Gautier within the coming months – and both promise to be an interesting road in the exploration of legendary fragrances. But, lets get back to the Hugo Boss Boss Bottles range.

The new Hugo Boss Bottle - The Scent!

The new Hugo Boss Bottle – The Scent!

Hugo Boss is launching its new extension, Boss The Scent, at end of August 2015. Its a bottle of seduction, created to make women weak at the knees – “Slow, steady, tense with anticipation”, they say. Let me tell you that there new ad campaign is sure to get your heart racing. Produced and directed by Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream), the commercial introduces Theo James as the face of The Scent – but the commercial does more in 1 minute than what Fifty Shades of Grey tries to do in the unforgivable long pile of garbage. I will post it here as soon as i get my hands on it – its well worth a watch.

The Scent has an opening note of ginger, and then gives way to a mixture of lavender and Maninka fruit, and the ends with an intense leather note. Yip, its a rather interesting blend, and certainly takes your sense of smell for a wild ride. What’s more is that it is strong, lasts a long time, won’t wear off easily, and will certainly leave an impression.

The fragrance will be available from Red Square as a 50ml (recommended R900,00), 100ml (recommended R1185,00) and 200ml (recommended R1650,00) Eau de Toilette.

The latest in the collection -  Boss Bottled. Oud.

The latest in the collection – Boss Bottled. Oud.

Next up is one the the newer interpretations – the Boss Bottled Oud. If you were worried that this may smell like the rest, then don’t worry as this one is so different its like a whole new stand-alone. As the name suggests the Boss Bottled Oud is a oriental & woody fragrance for men, with top notes of citruses and apple; middle notes are saffron, clove, labdanum and cinnamon; and a seriously strong base note compilation of agarwood (oud), sandalwood and cypriol oil or nagarmotha.

Interestingly, Oud has become the new ‘it’ ingredient in men’s fragrances. Oud, a rather rare, rich, dark and aromatic resin, is produced by the Aquaria Tree when the tree is infected by a parasitic mould – lovely. This resin is then distilled into a pure out oil extract, and combined with the three’s brown and white woods.

The fragrance is available as 50ml and 100 ml Eau de Perfum, and available for recommended R1 115,00 and R 1475,00 respectively from Red Square.

Ready for action - Boss Bottled. Intense.

Ready for action – Boss Bottled. Intense.

Also launched earlier this year, Boss Bottled Intense is, you guessed it, a stronger version of the original Boss Bottled. While, its is less sweet than the original, it still have that undeniable luxurious, manliness that the original one had – just with enhanced woody and spicy notes, and a higher concentration of the scented oils. The telltale notes of fresh apple, bergamot blossom and green orange blossom open the fragrance, followed by clove, geranium, and cinnamon at the heart, and the base is composed of precious woody notes of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver, along with vanilla.

So, if you loved the original Boss Bottled fragrance – but want something a little more intense to match your personality, then this one if for you.

The fragrance is available as 75ml, 100ml, and 200ml EDT, and available for R980,00, R1 355,00, and R1 715,00 respectively from Red Square.

Because not everyone can have it - Boss Bottled. Limited Edition.

Because not everyone can have it – Boss Bottled. Limited Edition.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the launch of the original Boss Bottled, the collector’s/limited edition was brought out, but this time sporting a gunpowder color flacon, available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette. The designer’s wish is to make the new collector’s flacon as masculine as possible, which is achieved by the non-transparent glass, the gunpowder shade and metal details.

As for the fragrance, its exactly the same as the original – so this one is just for the die hard Boss Bottled fan, who simply MUST have the entire collection.

Hugo Boss. Boss Bottled Collector’s Edition ETD spray is priced at R1060.00 for the 100ml from Red Square online.

For the sporty Hugo Boss in us all.

For the sporty Hugo Boss in us all.

In 2012, Hugo Boss brought out a sportier version of the Boss Bottled range – the Boss Bottled Sport. This juice is a far fresher, lighter, and more energetic version than the original – perfect for the guy that still wants his masculinity and distinctiveness known while at gym.

While the original opens with apple and citrus, the Boss Bottled Sport opens with top notes of aldehyde and grapefruit, but the heart and base notes are pretty similar to the original.

The fragrance is available as 50ml (R695,00) and 100ml (R1 130,00) EDT from Red Square.

And the Original - Boss Bottled.

And the Original – Boss Bottled.

And here’s the original – the Hugo Boss. Boss Bottled. This creation was brought out to represent the spirit of BOSS captured in a bottle –  the combination of timeless male elegance and style of the modern man.

As many have come to love, the original opens with fresh top notes of red apple, moving into the heart notes of dewy, floral notes as well as spicy cinnamon. It then graduates into the smooth, woody effects of amber. This is the one that started it all, and is a must-have, staple fragrance that every fragrance collector should have. 

Hugo Boss. Boss Bottled EDT spray goes for R1060.00 for the 100ml from Red Square online.

And one for the night!

And one for the night!

And to round off the collection, and to prove that there is a Boss Bottled for every occasion, here is the Boss Bottled Night. This fragrance is also one that must be tried by every lover of Hugo Boss, but don’t think that this is a slight variation on the original.

Boss Bottled Night is far more aromatic fragrance, with a heavily hand in the woody notes, and less of the apple and citrus. It starts with lavender and birch tree aromas, moving to heart notes of African violet, and then onto the warm base notes of Louro Amarelo tree and sensual musk.

So who is it for? Its for the ambitious man who, even at night, wants to exude his seductive, intense and extremely masculine composition.

Hugo Boss. Boss Bottled Night ETD spray goes for R1130.00 for the 100ml from Red Square online

*Pricing: With the way the Rand is performing against foreign currencies, please expect the price to vary slightly.