Yip, that’s a clickbait headline. A headline that draws you in with intrigue, lures you to find out more information, and appeals to your sense of wonder, exploration, and curiosity. Usually, I absolutely hate clickbait headlines, but in this case I have used it to demonstrate the feeling that most people, men or women, have to the new women’s fragrance from Issey Miyake – L’Eau D’issey Pure Nectar De Perfume.  

With Issey Miyake being a brand of fragrances that I have loved since I first started exploring the world of colognes, I jumped at the chance to try out the new L’Eau D’issey Pure Nectar De Perfume even though it is a fragrance specifically meant for women. Now, I have never been one who adheres by strict gender filing practices regarding fragrances, and yes, I have a few fragrances that are firm favorites, which are marketed as primarily women’s fragrances. Tom Ford in particular is one brand where I flatly ignore any gender marketing approach to their fragrances. 

But, I must admit that the L’Eau D’issey Pure Nectar De Perfume’s notes are very floral, fresh, and subtly sweet, which may appeal more to women to wear, but certainly appeals to men’s olfactory processes. So, with this in mind, I decide to wear this fragrance exclusively for 8 days, and I was surprised at what happened. 

Day 1: I visited a friend at the Cape Crossfit box. As I walked away, one of the women said “he smells so nice,” to which my friend replied, “he always smells so nice”. 

Day 2: A cashier at the Woolies in Sea Point said that the fragrance was beautiful and wanted to know what it was. 

Day 3: After a swim at the Virgin Active Classic in the Silo District, I showered and applied this fragrance. On my exit, I made a swing past NU for a Peanut Butter Blast and the guy behind me stated to his girlfriend that “this guy in front of me smells really good.”  

Day 4: I was staying with my cousin and his new wife in Johannesburg. His wife noted that the fragrance I was wearing was “very nice”.  

Day 5: A colleague of mine at work noted that I was wearing a “really nice” perfume. 

Day 6: I went to go watch the production of Avenue Q at Monte Casino, and the person I went with said that I was “smelling good”.

Day 7: While boarding a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town, both a woman at the security check and at the Slow Lounge complimented me on the fragrance. 

Day 8: While writing this post, a waiter from the Swan Cafe in Cape Town noted that the fragrance was very nice, and asked if I had made it. 

Okay, so the fragrance may have appealed to women more, but what is interesting is that the fragrance got me the attention of women and opened the door for more discussions with them. Now for a guy, this is a pot of gold; after all, is this not something that so many men’s fragrances promise to do but hopelessly fail at achieving? Perhaps this is a learning that men’s fragrances could take into account – not all women are charmed by Oud, Wood, Smoky, and Spice; a lot of women appreciate a softer, sweeter fragrance from a guy – one that does not dominate or overpower, but rather one that draws them in gentle and holds them with a subtle grasp. 

But, the fragrance got a lot of attention from men too. What seemed to appeal to them was the soft and subtle nature of the fragrance, with many stating that it was “very nice“. The compliment was paid not because I was wearing it, but rather that the fragrance itself was nice and appealed to men. They did not question whether it was a men’s or women’s fragrance, so I assume that they thought it was either a men’s or a unisex fragrance (which in my opinion, all fragrances are unisex). 

To provide a bit more insight on the fragrance notes (as unfortunately you will not be able to smell it by reading this blog entry) the fragrance opens with the note of a sweet pear, then moves onto a sweet rose note, and ends with sandalwood (the primary note in the original Issey Miyake), ambergris and the signature cashmeran. 

The Issey Miyake – L’Eau D’issey Pure Nectar De Perfume is a spectacular fragrance that is extremely popular in South Africa and is selling particularly well.  Issey Miyake has once again hit the ball out of the park with this one, and I for one can highly recommend this fragrance – for both men and for women. 

The fragrance is available in all leading fragrance retail stores and sells for R 1 820.00 for the 90ml, or R 1 430.00 for the 50ml (at Woolworths online).