Inside the contemporary LACOSTE man is the legacy of an original. René Lacoste: tennis champion and inventor. René Lacoste, was known for his focused and driven mode of play that transformed into a smile as soon as he left the court. Nicknamed the Crocodile thanks to the tenacity he demonstrated during his matches, René Lacoste was also a meticulous and stylish tactician. Inspired by his moniker, René Lacoste asked a friend to design a crocodile that he wore embroidered on his blazer.

This emblem quickly became the figure of his international renown and is now an icon symbolizing confidence, determination and tenacity. Qualities that René Lacoste displayed on and off court. Today, LACOSTE celebrates the tenacious origin of the LACOSTE Crocodile with a launch of a new fragrance: L’HOMME LACOSTE. 


The instinctive attributes of René Lacoste and the LACOSTE Crocodile characterize today’s modern LACOSTE man. His innate confidence paired with elegant style creates a commanding presence. Instinctively bold, the LACOSTE man is free to break from conventions and to live in the moment. His audacious curiosity allows him to follow his own path. Just like it did for his predecessor Rene Lacoste, the tenacity of the LACOSTE Crocodile radiates through his every move. Introducing L’HOMME LACOSTE. Created for the contemporary LACOSTE Homme – Inspired by the tenacity of the LACOSTE Crocodile.

LACOSTE-L'HOMME-Without Reflect- FB+ bottle 100mlA woody spicy scent, L’HOMME LACOSTE captures the inimitable heritage of René Lacoste, elegantly ignoring the rules to being free from convention. The fragrance’s structure reveals the sides of the modern LACOSTE man. Dynamic top notes of mandarin and sweet orange essence combined with unexpected fruit quince and rhubarb infuse the energy of confidence. Determination evident in the vibrant spices at the heart of black pepper, ginger, transparent jasmine and almond, revealing the L’HOMME LACOSTE man’s strength of character. His timeless elegance is revealed in a masculine and sensuous woody base featuring cedar wood with dry amber, musk, vanilla and Akigalawood. The mix of masculine and elegant notes of

Crafted with sophisticated packaging codes, L’HOMME LACOSTE’s tall and masculine bottle subtly echoes the icons of the brand and the essence of the scent. Inspired by the graphic lines and color of a tennis court, the translucent rectangular shaped glass bottle is profiled with a luminous silver box on its façade. Inside the frame is a silver crocodile, the icon of the brand positioned above the chic navy blue lettering that matches the ridged navy rounded cap.


L’HOMME LACOSTE is available at RedSquare, Edgars, Dischem, and leading retailers countrywide:

L’HOMME LACOSTE  R950.00 for 50ml

L’HOMME LACOSTE R1260.00 for 100ml

L’HOMME LACOSTE R1320.00 for 150ml